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Ask DeFranco's Gym - episode #20: PEC POPPIN' PUSH-UPS!


It's summertime and if you have the pecs of an 8-year-old girl, Joe D. is here to save the day! 

Click the 'PLAY' button below and pay attention, kids. This 4-minute video is about to change your "pec-less" life: 

Joe D. 

PS - If you enjoyed this push-up technique trick, you won't believe the amount of tips, tricks and technical advice that's packed into our new STRENGTH System! Check it out...



  1. HOLY S@%T!!!! I just did 5 of these and felt like my chest was going to explode!! I'm def going to try and work up to 4 sets of 10 by the end of the month. Joe D strikes again!!! U R DA MAN COACH
  2. I love that your starting to provide more info and programs for us washed up meatheads coach!!! Cant thank you enough for all the FREE advice U have provided over the years. There's no one like Joe D!!
  3. Another amazing tip from defranco. You never disappoint sir. Keep up the great werk!!
  4. GOT DELTZ?! dam joe d looking good

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