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Q: Joe,
When do we get to see the pics of your new killer facility?  Keep up the great work and it is awesome to see you on Elite's web site.

A: Chris,

Being a part of the Elitefts.com Q&A staff has been a privilege. I’m pumped to be a part of their team and I will do my best to share quality information to their readers.

As far as my new facility is concerned, it’s finally done! We got the final shipment of dumbells and weights on Tuesday…just 30 minutes before the Discovery Channel showed up to film a reality show that will be aired starting in mid-October. The show will be called Insider Training with Gabrielle Reece. The show is going to be a 7-week series in which professional athletes from 7 different sports are followed around to see how they train both in-season & during the off-season. They were at my facility on Tuesday to film my training session with NY Giants fullback, Jim Finn. The premise of the show sounded pretty cool and it will actually contain a lot of training information, not just fluff and quick tips. It will air on Fit-TV (which is owned by the Discovery Channel) and the first episode will begin in mid-October. We will be featured on the football episode. Check your local listing for air times!!

Anyway, enough self-promotion; Here are some pics of our new facility…

3 Deluxe squat racks with chin-up bars & band pegs
3 Deluxe squat racks with chin-up bars & band pegs
Enough bands & chains to kill a horse
Every barbell known to mankind
Vertec vertical jump tester


Got dumbbells?
Got dumbbells?

5 lbs. – 150 lbs.!
2 anti-burst Swiss balls


CB3 bench with 55 lb. fat bar
CB3 bench with 55 lb. fat bar

Power bench (behind CB3 bench)


Pimped-out adjustable cable-crossover unit
Pimped-out adjustable cable-crossover unit
w/ 2 lat pulldowns & 2 low rows


2 glute-ham benches
2 glute-ham benches
Professional 45-degree back raise w/ band pegs
Stretching table
Foam rollers
*Check out the meathead in the window!


Belt squat machine
Belt squat machine
Reverse hyper
Med balls


“If you can’t get strong here,
you can’t get strong anywhere.”

- Joe D.


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