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Joe DeFranco’s exclusive interview with Joe Rossi!

Joe Rossi

I recently sat down with my friend and colleague, Joe Rossi, for a no-holds-barred, exclusive interview for his website, Rest assured, this is not your average, boring interview! I highly recommend everyone takes the time to read this in-depth interview by clicking HERE!

Let me know what you think!
Joe D.

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Q: Coach D – will you guys be holding any seminars any time soon? I’m sure I speak for most people when I say we would love to see another Defranco seminar!! Its been too long coach! What do ya think??

A: Ken,
You are correct; we have been getting a ton of requests for another seminar…

Well, the people have spoken and your voices have been heard!! My preliminary thought is to host a two-day seminar at my facility (in beautiful NJ) the 1st weekend in December. I would limit this seminar to the 1st 15-20 people that sign up and I want it to be totally hands-on! I sat down with the Jersey Jackal & Idaho’s finest, Jeff Carr, and all three of us agreed that it would be a pretty BADASS weekend if most of the time was spent TRAINING! (I’ve never been to a seminar where the majority of time was spent training, instead of lecturing.) You see, you can only learn so much from reading this ASK JOE column and watching our YouTube videos. To truly learn, understand and experience what our program is really all about, you need to TRAIN with our athletes/in our gym! So that’s what we’re going to do and we’re PUMPED! As an added bonus, one of “Jersey’s Finest” – The Underground Strength Coach himself, Zach Even-Esh – will be presenting, coaching, training and Killin’ It with us!  

So here’s what we’re going to do…

I’m asking everyone who thinks they might be interested in this seminar to email us at and briefly tell us what YOU would like to see covered at this seminar. (FYI, there will be some lecture and Q&A time.) We will review everyone’s feedback for the next 2 weeks and then on Friday, October 17th, I will announce exactly what the majority of people have decided will be covered at this event. At this time, I will also announce the exact days and times of the event, along with sign-up information.

We look forward to hosting another seminar in the ‘Dirty Jerz’!

New Jersey

Joe D.

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Q: Big Joe..
I don’t have a question just some praise for you and your staff. I purchased your combine ebook last week and boy was I impressed! You guys did one heck of a job and I cant wait to have my son experience ‘defranco-esque’ results all the way over here in Colorado. (My son is a junior running back who is getting sum love from a couple Big 12 schools.. he will be attending 2 combines in the spring)  Me and my son watched one of your protégés donald brown against louisville and I was thoroughly impressed with his power, balance, conditioning and toughness. My son learned a lot from watching him run. You guys definitely have a good thing goin over there in nj and I just wanted to say keep up the dedicated work. Me and my son look forward to taking a trip to your gym someday. Thanks coach.
Bill R.

A: Bill,
I appreciate the feedback and I can’t wait to hear how your son responds to the program outlined in our Combine E-book! (Just make sure he focuses on the rest of the football season for now! He can worry about his Combines after the season!)

And I’m glad you and your son got to watch Don Brown play. Although Don trained with us this summer, we definitely can’t take the credit for his performance thus far; this is because he showed up at our facility a BEAST! He came to us on Deon Anderson’s recommendation and anyone Deon sends to us is usually a BEAST! Don is no exception and we wish him continued success. He is one of the hardest-working, dedicated athletes you will ever meet! We are extremely proud to have him as part of our team. Keep an eye on this kid!

Donald Brown
Donald Brown – The nation’s leading rusher!
After only 5 games, Don has rushed for 906 yards & 11 TD’s!

Donald Brown
If this guy tells us you’re a beast…you’re probably a BEAST!!

Joe D.

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Q: Joe,
You seem to be the master at simplifying things for your readers who get overwhelmed with all the info out there. I know you mainly get questions about improving performance – lifting more weight, running faster, jumping higher etc. But do you think you would be able to put together somewhat of your “idiots guide” to lower body flexibility and mobility?? Do you have a top 5 or top 10 list of simple stretches or drills that can make a difference in an athletes (or average joe’s) flexibility & mobility?? I think I speak for many people when I say this would be much appreciated coming from a guy with your vast knowledge. Thanks for all you do coach.

Brian S.

A: Brian,
I’m actually really glad you asked this question; this is a topic that comes up every single day because so many athletes are lacking in this area! Posting my answer to this question will actually save me a lot of time each day because now I will just refer athletes to this link…so thank YOU!

Anyone who has attended any of my seminars knows my “Realist” approach to flexibility/mobility training; basically, one of the reasons that I feel most athletes don’t stick to a flexibility program is because their coach or trainer gives them too many exercises to perform each day! Let’s be honest, athletes hate to stretch because it’s boring as hell! Factor in the amount of time athletes spend lifting weights, running, practicing, attending school or going to work, etc., and the bottom line is that they just don’t want to spend extra time stretching! Now, I’m not saying I agree with this, but the facts are the facts. And the fact of the matter is that if one aspect of training is going to get neglected, it’s usually stretching! Hence, my “Realist Philosophy” on flexibility training…

My philosophy is to have athletes perform an “abbreviated” stretching routine consistently; compared to an “ultimate” flexibility program “every now and then” because they don’t have the time (or it just bores them to death so they bag it)!

So without any further ado, here is an extremely simple & practical routine that athletes (or “average Joe’s”) can perform everyday. I like this routine because it only takes 7-10 minutes and it can be done at home or at the gym. (All you need is a foam roller and a tennis ball…if you don’t have these two inexpensive tools; I highly recommend you go get them!)

Joe D’s “Agile Eight”

#1 – Foam Roll IT Band – Start just below your hip and roll up & down to your mid-(outer) thigh 10-15X, focusing on any tight spots. Then perform 10-15 “rolls” starting at your mid-(outer) thigh and rolling all the way down to the outside of your knee. Again, focus on the tight areas.

Foam Roll IT Band
IT Band Foam Roll (Beginning position)

#2 – Foam Roll Adductors – Start just below the crease of your hip and roll up & down to your mid (inner) thigh 10-15X, focusing on any tight spots. Then perform 10-15 “rolls” starting at your mid-(inner) thigh and rolling down to the inside of your knee. Again, focus on the tight spots.

Foam Roll Adductors
Adductor Foam Roll (mid position)

#3 – Glute/Piriformis Myofacial release w/ static stretch

#4 – *Rollovers into “V” sits – Perform 10 reps
#5 - *Fire hydrant circles – 10 forward circles/10 backward circles each leg
#6 - *Mountain climbers – 20 reps
#7 - *Groiners – Perform 10 reps. Hold last rep for 10 seconds…push knees out with your upper arms while dropping your butt down.

*The video below demonstrates exercises 4-7. Make sure you really focus on achieving a big range of motion with all these exercises. Don’t just go through the motions!

#8 – Static hip flexor stretch – Perform 3 sets of 10 seconds each leg. Perform all 3 sets on one leg before moving onto the other leg.

Static hip flexor stretch
Static hip flexor stretch

If performed 5-7 days a week, I guarantee this simple routine will make a huge difference in how you feel and how you move! This routine can be performed at home before you leave for work, school, practice, etc. Or you can perform it at the gym before training. The bottom line is that there’s NO EXCUSE for not fitting this quick routine into your daily schedule.

Give it a try and thank me later!

Joe D.

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