Joe DeFranco is the founder and owner of the world-famous DeFranco’s Gym. For the past two decades, athletes from around the world have hired Joe because of his remarkable ability to improve strength, speed, power, mobility, agility and sport-specific endurance. Joe’s training techniques have been featured in and on ESPN, Spike TV, NFL Network, WWE Network, Men’s Health Magazine, Men’s Fitness Magazine and in the NY Times best-selling book, The 4-Hour Body. His resume includes NFL players from all 32 teams, MLB & NBA players, WWE superstars, UFC fighters, Olympic athletes and high school & college All-Americans.

Joe is not only a pioneer in the sports performance industry – he has revolutionized the garage and warehouse gym business as well. Many industry leaders credit Joe for the paradigm shift regarding sports performance facilities. Before Joe started his business, it was thought that you needed a large, multi-million dollar facility in order to succeed. But – after turning his original 500 square foot storage closet into an athletic performance mecca – it then became “in vogue” to own a small garage or warehouse gym. Joe’s “gym blueprint” is now the industry standard and DeFranco’s is a globally recognized brand. DeFranco’s has been voted one of America’s 10 Best Gyms by Men’s Health magazine and one of America’s Top 5 Most Innovative Gyms by

In 2015, Joe was inducted into the Personal Trainer Hall of Fame (an international organization) in the Trend Setter division. He is recognized as an individual who has had a significant contribution to the personal training industry, specifically by creating trends which have dramatically influenced the world of fitness.

Joe is currently focusing on “paying it forward” as he’s spending more time consulting trainers and gym owners worldwide. He also hosts the Industrial Strength Show – a top-ranked weekly podcast dedicated to training for peak performance, mindset and living your passion.

In addition, Joe has partnered with Jim “Smitty” Smith and together they have co-created the Certified Physical Preparation Specialist (CPPS) course, membership site, as well as a series of best-selling DVD’s and manuals.

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Would you like to hire Joe DeFranco? Joe is available (on a limited basis) for phone / Skype consultations and in-person consultations at his office in East Rutherford, NJ.

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Chad Ruhwedel
NHL defenseman
Pittsburgh Penguins
2017 Stanley Cup Champs

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Watch Joe DeFranco prepare WWE superstar Triple H for Wrestlemania 29 (vs. Brock Lesnar) & Wrestlemania 30 (vs. Daniel Bryan)!

Men’s Health Magazine names DeFranco’s Gym one of ‘AMERICA’S 10 BEST GYMS’!

DeFranco’s named one of the TOP 5 MOST INNOVATIVE GYM’S in the USA by