Joe Recommends

I thought it would be valuable to provide my website readers with a “recommendation” page that can be used as a TRUSTED resource for all your strength & conditioning needs. I will keep this page updated and add to it whenever I find (or personally develop) something that can be of use to you.

FULL DISCLOSURE:  I may occasionally post “affiliate links” to products and/or services on this page. This means that I may earn a commission (at no additional cost to you) if you decide to click on that link and purchase the product. Please note that I will only recommend products, services and/or companies that I USE & LOVE! Whenever I recommend something – it’s because I know it’s extremely beneficial – NOT because of the small commission I may make if you decide to buy it. Anyone who knows anything about me knows that my reputation means everything to me. If I put my “stamp of approval” on something and post it on this page, you better believe it’s a damn good GREAT product (or service) that’s going to help you in some way, shape or form!

You have my word.
– Joe D.

Training Resources / Continuing Education

  • Get CPPS certified!

    Muscle & Fitness magazine recently featured the CPPS certification and said, “It’s the best curriculum for trainers we’ve ever seen.”  Now it’s time for YOU to see for yourself!

    Become part of our global network of coaches, trainers & fitness enthusiasts and be recognized as a leader in the Strength & Conditioning industry.

    NOTE: We now offer our CPPS certification course online! Our Level 1 course can be found here & our Level 2 course can be found here.

  • Certified Football Preparation Specialist [online course]

    This is your PhD-level course in football preparation!

    Curriculum highlights:
    168-page textbook
    39 video modules
    52 weeks of programming
    Exclusive NFL training footage
    Lifetime access to all material!

  • DeFranco Insider

    Joe DeFranco & Jim Smith’s membership website dedicated to helping serious lifters, athletes, coaches and fitness fanatics reach their strength, performance and muscle-building potential! Gain instant access to exclusive workouts, videos, audio files, contests, members-only forums and more!

    *Newly added! LIVE Q&A w/ Joe D. & Smitty every Tuesday night 9:00pm – 10:00pm EST.


    Learn how to transfer your “weight room” strength, power & speed onto the athletic field with this one-of-a-kind resource!

    *Product includes: DVD (140+ exercises) & Manual (173 pages)

  • STRENGTH: Barbell Training Essentials

    The most comprehensive resource ever developed on the subject.

    This product contains 3 DVD’s and a 350+ page book that will teach you how to master technique, overcome sticking points and develop superior strength!


    The best selling warm-up product in the world!

    The 2-Disc AMPED DVD set includes: 155 warm-up exercises, 30 sport-specific warm-up routines & our Quick Reference Guide (which is a small manual that you can take with you to the gym or field.) 


    Everyone knows that ‘speed kills’. This is the definitive guide for developing speed for team sport athletes. Get fast now!

    *Product includes: DVD & Manual (125 pages)

  • POWER!

    Strength alone just won’t cut it. Develop the ability to display your strength quickly and dominate on the athletic field!

    *DVD provides over 90 eXpLoSiVe exercises used by DeFranco-trained athletes.


    Your accessory exercises will no longer be an after-thought once you learn these never-before-seen exercises! This just may be the most innovative training DVD ever created!

  • Hard:CORE

    The most comprehensive core training system in the world!

    This 3-DVD set provides over 260 exercises designed to bulletproof your core!  

    *BONUS DVD contains: Hard:CORE manual (digital PDF File on root of DVD), 30min. mobility routine & Hard:CORE soundtrack! 

  • Complete Athletic Development System

    This is a package that includes ALL of the resources that Joe D. and Smitty have created at a discounted price.  [Incredible value!]



    This is the program that completely transformed Joe DeFranco’s body & health. It enabled him to reach single-digit bodyfat levels for the first time in 20 years, while simultaneously improving his strength & muscularity.

    REBUILT consists of 3 distinct phases: The Foundational Phase, The Strong Bastard Phase & The Shredded Bastard Phase. *Includes Joe’s weekly meal plan & supplementation protocol!

    Program type = Strength, Aesthetics, Fat Loss

    Program Duration = 12 weeks

    Training Split = varied

    Special Equipment Needed? None. This workout can be done at any “standard” gym that’s equipped with basic barbells, dumbbells, etc.


    This program will pack on muscle, increase your strength and keep you motivated!  The “choose your own adventure” programming model allows you to plug in your favorite exercises and customize each workout to your liking – while staying true to the proven SB911 system.

    Program type = Strength, Hypertrophy, Power

    Program Duration = 11 weeks (repeatable)

    Training Split = 4X/week (Upper/Lower split)

    Special Equipment Needed? None. This workout can be done at any “standard” gym that’s equipped with basic barbells and dumbells.

  • DeFranco_B2LCover_Final_small_size


    This program will increase your strength (utilizing Prilepin’s Chart and submaximal weights) without beating up your joints. It also improves muscularity and body composition via our “strength capacity” circuits. Great for former athletes and washed-up meatheads!

    Program type = Strength, Hypertrophy, Mobility

    Program Duration = 10 weeks

    Training Split = 3X/week (2 Upper Body workouts, 1 Lower Body)

    Special Equipment Needed? None. This workout can be done at any “standard” gym that’s equipped with basic barbells and dumbells. [*Mini Band recommended]


    This program was designed to improve your strength, endurance and muscularity/body composition. It combines traditional strength training with a variety of unique “finishers” that will take your conditioning to the next level. Police, Fire and Military personnel (along with washed-up meatheads and average Joe’s) have all had tremendous success with this program. 

    Program type = Strength, Body composition, Conditioning

    Program Duration = 12 weeks

    Training Split = 3X/week (2 Upper Body workouts, 1 Lower Body)

    Special Equipment Needed? None. This workout can be done at any “standard” gym that’s equipped with basic barbells, dumbells & cable unit.

Strength & Recovery Tools

  • (B) STRONG Training System

    This is Joe DeFranco’s preferred system for Blood Flow Modification Training.
    Use Discount Code “JOED” to save 15%!


    Protecting the brain starts with training the neck!

  • Fat Gripz

    Get bigger, stronger arms and develop a crushing grip in record time!

    * Use the code DEFRANCO15 to save 15%!

  • Bands

    Bands are the most versatile (and convenient) training tool available. They can be used on their own (for strength/speed/flexibility training) or attached to barbells, dumbbells, machines, etc.
    *Use Coupon Code “JOED” at checkout and save 15%!

  • Stick Mobility

    Take your training to the next level with a progressive approach to mobility and muscle activation!

  • Coregeous Ball | YTU Therapy Balls

    Some of the best tools in the world for helping to eliminate pain, improve range of motion and assist in downregulation/recovery.

Nutrition / Supplementation

  • DeFranco's Nutritional Supplements

    Joe DeFranco & Dr. Tom Bilella have joined forces and developed a line of professional-grade supplements for people that are serious about their training AND their health!

  • Metabolic Meals

    Fresh, all-natural whole foods delivered to your doorstep. ALWAYS gluten free & NEVER prepared with high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, soy or artificial ingredients.


    Delicious organic coffee without the jitters or crash! [Absolutely NO mushroom taste.] *Use the discount code “defranco” to save 15% on your order!