HARD:CORE has Arrived!

Last month we revealed our HARD:CORE DVD promo video. During my 15 years in this industry, I don’t think I remember a more highly-anticipated product…and rightfully so!

The term “core” is probably the biggest buzz word in the fitness industry, yet 99% of the information provided on the topic is inaccurate. In fact, the “core” just may be the most misunderstood topic in the entire fitness industry!

But, things are about to change… In fact, they HAVE changed!!!





NOTE: Smitty and I are putting together a special contest on Facebook and it is super simple to enter. To be entered for a chance to win the contest, all you have to do is purchase the new Hard:CORE system and once it arrives, take a picture and post it on Facebook. Once you post the picture, just “tag the photo” with “DeFranco’s Gym” and “James Smith.”

We will announce the 3 winners on both our sites (and Facebook) on July 7th, 2012!

-Joe D.


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