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Joe D’s [12-Year Anniversary] TOP 12 Books Reviewed!

TOP 6 [practical] TRAINING BOOKS

Part 1 of 2

Here’s a recap of my favorites:

1. Dinosaur TrainingBrooks Kubik  (review starts 1:32 into video)

2. STRENGTH – Joe DeFranco & James Smith  (review starts 3:10 into video)

3. SPEEDJoe DeFranco & James Smith  (review starts 5:05 into video)

4. Ultimate MMA ConditioningJoel Jamieson  (review starts 6:54 into video)

5. Becoming a Supple Leopard – Kelly Starrett  (review starts 8:41 into video)

6. High Performance Training for Sports David Joyce & Daniel Lewindon  (review starts 10:52 into video)

BONUS EBOOK12 Years: 12 EPIC Workouts (limited edition)


See you back here tomorrow when I reveal my Top 6 [most practical] Business books in Part 2 of this review series!

Joe D. 


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