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Joe D’s Top 7 Exercises for Building Strong, Horseshoe-like Triceps!

Anyone who has ever trained with me knows that one of the “side effects” of my style of training is strong ‘effing triceps!  Because of this, I’m constantly getting asked [from athletes and washed-up meatheads alike] to list my “Top” triceps exercises. So I decided to shoot a quick video and share my “best of the best” triceps exercises with the world! [You’re welcome.] 🙂

NOTE: The video below reveals “my” favorite exercises. This doesn’t mean there aren’t other quality triceps exercises…all it means is that these seven exercises have worked the best for me and my athletes. And if you want strong, horseshoe-looking triceps…they’ll work for you too!


The video below reveals one of my all-time favorite bodyweight “finishers” for the triceps. Up until this point, I reserved this “finisher” for my athletes and VIP clients only. It is ideal for those who travel a lot and may have to train in shitty hotel gyms with minimal equipment – or worse yet – a hotel room with NO equipment!
[Besides being a “stand alone” workout on days that you’re pressed for time, can’t get to the gym, or you’re stuck in a bad hotel; it can also be used as a “finisher” at the end of an Upper Body workout. 1-2 sets is all you’ll need before you start cursing me out! lol]  

a.  Bodyweight Triceps Extensions x 10
b.  Diamond Push-ups x 8
c.  Plank-to-Pushup x 6 each arm
d. Eccentric Push-ups (6-10sec lowering) x 4
The goal is to not let your knees touch the ground at any point during the circuit.

-Joe D. 


PS – What are YOUR favorite triceps exercises? Drop me a comment below. (I’d also like to hear from anyone who tries my “Bodyweight Triceps Finisher from Hell” — after you give it a try, let me know what you think!)



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  4. @Ryan Kephalas

    Long head Ryan Kephalas for optimal advancement of growth yes 100% sir!

  5. @Jon

    John, I had the exact same problem for a number of months. What I find really helps is doing 2-3 fast high rep sets of band pushdown prior to db or bb work for the tris. This pre exhausts the muscle and lubricates it. I also think it helps to build connective tissue and tendon strength because of the use of overspeed eccentrics. Maybe worth a try (no pun intended).

    Ryan Kephalas

  6. Hi Joe, what is more important for overall mass would you say: developing the long head of the tri or the lateral? Or would they be equally important. Thanks man!

  7. Do you have any tips for tricep pain using dumbbells? For whatever reason I don’t feel any pain on tricep movements unless I use dumbbells.

  8. Nice post, Joe.

    In addition to these, I like to recommend dumbbell kickbacks, skull crushers, lying tricep extensions, overhead dumbbell extensions, and close grip bench press.

  9. Hey Joe!
    I loved this post, triceps days are my favorite days in the gym. My favorite tricep exercise is the close grip bench press. I find that I can get a good amount of weight moving although I do have to make sure I’m keeping those elbows parallel!

  10. This info and video are very helpful for the new Exercise boy and once again Thank you for these types of videos, always gives me fresh ideas and things I would never have thought of otherwise!!

  11. That is a great circuit. Thanks for sharing. I will have to try that one out. I am always looking for a serious finisher for triceps.

  12. Great list of tricep exercises Joe, especially the bodyweight circuit (definitely going to try this!). Training frequency/volume will also determine how much your triceps will grow. I once did a 8 hour arm workout and I gained 1/4″ on my triceps.

  13. I have have being following joe for A while now.Your Tricep finisher is intense your knowledge in the industry is gold.Also your podcast is the bomb.I would not follow anyone else. Regards iano.

  14. Maybe its the fact that I weigh 77kg or (169lbs) , but one of my favorite triceps exercises is one arm push ups.
    I not only feel it on my triceps but also my back , serratus and shoulders.
    Your triceps circuit is great, also very flexible can be adapted by using different angles adding weight using bands plus it can be performed anywhere .

  15. Tried it today man.. Loved it !! Thank you for these types of videos, always gives me fresh ideas and things I would never have thought of otherwise!! Love the podcast man.!!

  16. This looks damn intense, I’ll definitely be trying it after my next workout. My current favorite thing to do for triceps is to do skull crushers to failure and then switch to close grip bench press with the same bar and do that to failure.

  17. Holy shit! Amazing! Just got home from work and did the body weight circuit. You are a mad scientist !

  18. I really appreciate all the positive feedback guys. I’m going to try and post more of these “lists” and/or “best of” type blog posts…they are always well received. Thanks again guys…now go torture them tri’s!! 🙂

  19. Hi coach! I’m Jacopo Terenzi aka JT and i’m a 22 years old american football player and strength and condiotioing coach in the making following you since 2012 from Italy!!! thanks for this amazing blogs and for everything you do for young coaches and athletes around the world. your style of training and knowledge make a huge difference in my training and make me fall in love with the Strength and Conditioning coach job, it’s also thanks to you that i decieded to make the strength and conditioning the job of my life and i really work hard for that!! i will try tomorrow some of this exercises and of course the finisher! thanks again from an italian to another italian of the jersey ;)!

  20. LOVE when DeFranco shares these types of blog posts with accompanying videos. Very useable stuff. Thanx coach D! (Btw your looking yoked!!)

  21. Mr.Defranco, thank you for taking the time and posting these videos, and giving the advice you give. I’ve been following you, and have been incorporating your exercises. It has made a difference in my own training and just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to post these videos.

    Thank you,
    Ryan Androus

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