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Joe DeFranco interview w/ DG IRON

Below you will find an interview I did for DG IRON a couple of days ago. Before you watch the interview, I want to give you a little info on the man behind the camera. His name is Gerrit Keferstein and he is a 22-year-old from Germany who plays American football, trains young athletes…and he’s in medical school!

Gerrit came to New Jersey to train with us for two weeks before he had to report to football camp. Not only did he travel to a foreign country on his own; we “threw him to the wolves” and had him train with our NFL crew! Gerrit didn’t only “make it through” the workouts; he stood out and excelled during his two weeks here! He earned all of our respect and we know he’s going to kick ass this football season…and he will kick ass in whatever he decides to do in life!

Before Gerrit headed back to Germany, he asked me if I could sit down and answer some basic (yet valuable) questions for some aspiring strength coaches. In this two-part interview, I discuss the following…

  1. My TOP 3 PRINCIPLES for running a successful program
  2. The importance of strength for all athletes
  3. How we train young athletes and beginners
  4. My thoughts on Olympic lifting for athletes
  5. How to manage large groups of young athletes




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