2010 World’s Strongest Athlete Contest date has been set!


This is the first official announcement for this years World’s Strongest Athlete Contest! We’ve decided to spread the word sooner this year so people have more time to train and make travel arrangements. Below you will find most of the details regarding the contest…I also strongly encourage everyone to check back often for more specific details regarding the actual events and charity info!


This years event will be held on Saturday, July 17th at 12:00pm at Overtime Sports Facility in Wayne, NJ.

Once again, there will be FOUR divisions:

High School Athletes (This category includes HS seniors that have graduated and will be enrolling in college in the fall.)

College Athletes (If you just graduated in the Spring 2010 semester, we are still allowing you to compete in this category.)

Professional Athletes (Professional Strongmen & Professional Powerlifters do NOT qualify for this contest.)

Police/Fire/Military Personnel

If you want to compete in this contest, you MUST register ONLINE on the WSA Website BEFORE June 17, 2010!

-Payment for the contest is due THE DAY OF THE EVENT!! If you don’t bring a check or cash, you will NOT be allowed to compete! Period.

-There will be a $10 entrance fee for all spectators.

-This years events are as follows:

600-pound Tire Flip: High School athletes will be required to flip the tire 3x. Police/Fire/Military will flip the tire 4x. College & Professional Athletes have to flip the tire 5x. This is a timed event.


60-Yard Farmers Walk: Athletes will be required to walk 30 yards, turn around a cone, and walk 30 yards back to the starting line. High School Athletes will carry 172 pounds in each hand. EVERY OTHER DIVISION will be carrying 202 pounds in each hand.


Seated Hand-Over-Hand Rope Pull: This event requires the athletes to pull a weighted sled that is attached to a 75-foot rope, hand-over-hand, until the sled reaches them. High School Athletes will be required to pull three 45-pound plates on the sled. Police/Fire/Military will pull four 45-pound plates. College & Pro Athletes will pull five 45-pound plates.


60-Yard Backward/Forward Sled Drag: This event requires the contestants to drag a sled backwards for 30 yards and then turn around and drag it forward for 30 yards to the finish. High School athletes will be dragging four 45-pound plates on the sled. Police/Fire/Military will drag five plates. College & Pro Athletes will drag six plates.


-ALL events will be performed on a FieldTurf surface.

-100% of the profits from this event will goto the National MS Society


I will continue to post info and more specifics regarding the contest on this site as things unfold. But I highly recommend checking out our official World’s Strongest Athlete webpage at! This is where you must register for the contest, learn about sponsorships, send in your questions regarding the event, etc.!

This years event is going to be INSANE!! I’ll be back with more info soon!

Until next time, take action and REGISTER TO COMPETE NOW!!!

-Joe D.



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