2010 WSA Video Highlights & Final Standings!





1. *Pat Cole – Hasbrouck Heights High School (Track & Field)

2. Travis Woods

3. Michael Lisi

4. Matt Heyman

5. Jake Haddock

6. Kevin Bless

7. Joe Gallina

8. Sean Doherty

9. Chris Guido

10. Jon Wozney

11. Anthony Torchia

12. Jack Meussner

13. Joseb Baik

14. Vinny Asclese

15. Dominic Savittieri



1. *Kevin Kelly – New Jersey State Police

2. Greg Cyrwus

3. James Muir, Jr.

4. Mike Rossi

5. Gary Webb

6. Mark Lemanski



1. *Andrew Sklover – Monmouth University (Football)

2. Brian Pascal

3. David Kennedy

4. Brandon Glyck

5. Pat Hashey

6. Frank Spinelli

7. Cameron Josse

8. Derek King

9T. Tom Ottainano

9T. David Sinisi

10T. Nick Goodling

10T. Matt Lowney

11. Paul Drake

12. Chris Orzechowski

13. Josh Wade

14. Frank Franco

15T. Zac Belair

15T. LaSalle McDonald

16. Dan Wenclewicz

17. Zack Moore

18. Mike Gregory

19. Andre McCalmont

20. Tyler Metauro

21. Nic Peterson

22. Brian Oberther

23. David Drake


Once again, I want to thank all of the athletes, parents, sponsors and supporters of this incredible event. The growth of this event has been astronomical! Last year, we raised $1400 for the National MS Society. This year, we will be presenting a check for over $10,000 to the National MS Society! Next year’s goal is to DOUBLE this year’s donation and we’re confident we will accomplish our goal!!!



SPECIAL THANKS to our Title Sponsor, Sica Wealth Management, for stepping up on short notice and making the incredible growth of this years event possible!


Keep yourself “in the loop” for next year’s event by checking out throughout the year! This will be the “home base” for sponsorship info and details regarding the 2011 World’s Strongest Athlete Contest!

-Joe D.


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