Episode # 233

Bar Fights, Bum Attacks & Badass Training Info w/ UFC Fighter Mickey Gall!

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Released on September 19, 2019


0:00 – Show overview

5:25 – Joe talks about today’s sponsor – Tiger Balm Active™

Mickey went from HATING Single Leg Training to MASTERING it!

9:15 – Mickey Gall joins the show / Podcast begins…

11:25 – Who would win in a fight – Joe D. “in his prime” or Mickey Gall?

16:15 – Mickey tells a cRaZzy bar fight story

22:30 – Joe recalls the night he was attacked by a street bum!!

30:20 – How to win a bar fight

33:55 – The top “difference makers” in Mickey’s training since hiring Joe D.

37:00 – Benefits of nasal breathing & using the OptiO2™ mouthguard

46:00 – The importance of “minimal effective dose” training

48:30 – The most common area of training that most MMA fighters neglect 

50:20 – MINDSET: What’s it like to “make the walk”…
[from the locker room to the octagon before a fight]

1:02:45 – Joe’s choice for “Best pizza in New Jersey”

1:05:40 – The exercise(s) that Mickey HATES doing, but LOVES the results

1:08:55 – Mickey’s favorite stretches


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  • Tiger Balm® Active
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Thanks for listening!

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