Episode # 178

Dr. Chad Waterbury talks High Frequency Training, Cardiovascular Development & More!

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Released on August 30, 2018


1:00 – Show overview

4:15 – Joe introduces the newest podcast sponsorMark Bell’s Sling Shot®

20 years later…Chad Waterbury & Joe D. finally meet!

10:55 – Chad Waterbury joins the Industrial Strength Show

14:00 – How Chad “got recognized” & started writing for T-Nation

21:25 – Joe tells the story of how T-Nation rejected his first article

24:50 – Why Chad decided to goto physical therapy school

28:35 – The most beneficial thing Chad learned in PT school

30:55 – The biggest limitation with most PT schools

32:20 – The correlation between “walking speed” & death?!

38:10 – Why Chad prefers full body workouts

40:55 – How the ‘Cirque du Soleil’ was the impetus behind Chad’s High Frequency Training

47:00 – Chad gives his definition of “High Frequency Training”

50:00 – How to get your calves (or any muscle group) to grow

55:00 – HFT body part volume recommendations

59:45 – Chad gives a shoutout to Pavel Tsatsouline’s Strong Endurance seminar

1:02:05 – Chad breaks down the 3 different categories of “cardio”

1:08:10 Chad’s best cardio recommendation for overall health/longevity

1:10:20 – Cardio before, after, or on separate days from your weight training sessions?


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Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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