Episode # 347

Dr. Chad Waterbury On How To Build An Elite Physique w/ High Frequency Training, Easy-To-Follow Nutrition Advice & More!

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Released on December 9, 2021


0:00 – Show intro/preview

5:05 – Joe introduces today’s sponsor – Magic Spoon

10:30Dr. Chad Waterbury joins the show | Podcast begins…

13:20 – WHAT made Chad want to write a book & WHO is the book written for?

18:15 – Why is the ability to balance on one leg [with your eyes closed] important?

22:55 – Chad discusses the background behind his “Functional Strength Standards”

25:20 – The shortcomings of bodyweight training [and how to fix it]

30:40 – High Frequency Training (HFT) definition & benefits

37:40 – When you should & shouldn’t train to failure

42:30 – The key to HFT success – How to choose the right exercises

43:30 – The simplest way to implement HFT for a lagging body part

46:00 – The Functional Strength Standard for Single Leg Calf Raises & why it’s so important

52:00 – Recovery guidelines when implementing HFT

55:20 – How much should your training change when fat loss is your primary goal?

58:40 – Chad’s favorite cardiovascular activities for general health/longevity

1:06:50 – Chad’s easy-to-follow nutrition advice


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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