Episode # 152

Dr. John Rusin: Long-term Gainz Without the Aches & Pains!

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Released on February 15, 2018


7:40 Joe introduces Dr. John Rusin to the Industrial Strength Nation 

Click above image to access Dr. John Rusin’s “6 Phases of the Perfect Dynamic Warm Up”

11:55 – John talks about pain in the fitness industry

15:40 – Finding your ultimate movement patterns

18:25 – Optimizing your use of “corrective exercises”

23:40 – John explains his “6 phase system” for warming up properly

29:15 – John gives an example of warming up for the barbell squat

33:05 – The daily activity that everyone w/ low back pain should be doing

40:15 – How John organizes his training split

43:00 – The Six Foundational Movement Patterns that should be the cornerstone of everyone’s training

45:05 – Joe introduces today’s sponsor – HEALTH IQ

48:35 – The process/evaluation John uses with all his new clients

55:00 – How often should you test your clients?

1:00:15 – Systematizing the different training approaches to get the best results with your clients

1:03:00 – The thing that everyone needs (whether you’re an athlete, average Joe, or anyone in between)

1:12:00 – Top 3 takeaways that everyone can do to reduce pain & live healthier


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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