Episode # 221

Dr. Jordan Shallow is Bigger, Stronger & Smarter Than You… so Listen Up!

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Released on June 27, 2019


0:20 – Joe introduces Dr. Jordan Shallow & provides an overview of today’s episode

12:25 – Joe talks about today’s sponsor – Tiger Balm Active®

15:45 – Dr. Jordan Shallow joins the show / Podcast begins…

                                Coaches need coaching too.

18:40 – Jordan’s original career trajectory

24:00 – Getting “buy in” from your clients and peers

28:05 – Jordan’s GO TO assessments for new patients/clients

32:20 – The difference between strength & stability 

34:35 – What are the most common dysfunctions Jordan sees during his assessments?

37:00 – The difference between mobility & flexibility

43:20 – Muscle integration vs muscle isolation

45:50 – Programming unilateral exercises

52:25 – Loading unilateral exercises (contralateral vs ipsilateral)

1:01:10 – Structuring a workout (from output exercises to corrective exercises and everything in between)

1:03:40 – Structuring an effective warm-up

1:10:35 – Optimization vs ADAPTATION

1:14:00 – “Drones” vs “Mavericks” in the fitness industry

1:19:20 – What is Pre-Script?


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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