Driven Beyond Strength™ – Episode 2


Dave Diehl & Brian Cushing – 10 Years STRONG!


Episode description: Back in 2003, an NFL rookie by the name of Dave Diehl and a high school kid named Brian Cushing both started training at DeFranco’s “gym”. At this time, neither athlete cared that the “gym” they had just walked into was a 500 square-foot converted storage closet. All these two dedicated athletes cared about was being in the best environment possible in order to achieve their lofty goals.

During Dave Diehl’s first meeting with Joe DeFranco, he discussed his goals with Joe in detail. Dave wanted to, “Play 10 years in the NFL”, “Win a Superbowl” and “Become an All-Pro”.

During Brian Cushing’s first meeting with Joe, he discussed his obsession for being the best high school linebacker in the country, receiving a full football scholarship to play for a “bigtime” university, and then playing in the NFL.

The rest, as they say, is history!

Learn more about Dave Diehl’s and Brian Cushing’s story in episode 2 of Driven Beyond Strength™!

*After you press play, make sure to change the setting in the bottom/right of the video box from 360p to 1080p(HD) so you can watch it in High Def…it looks awesome! Enjoy the show 🙂


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