Episode # 351

Fat Loss & Muscle Building Made Simple AF!

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Released on January 6, 2022


2:25 – Joe follows up on some of the “brain dump” topics/projects he shared 5 weeks ago

  • 3:10 – ReBuilt 2.0 launch update
  • 4:20[NEW] ‘DeFranco Diet Guide’ details
  • 14:25DeFranco’s Gym renovations & what young trainers can learn from Calvin Hartman

23:55 – Joe reads this week’s winning iTunes review

26:05 – Joe shares his recent “Mr. Mom” duties & gives a shoutout to all the badass moms 🙂

29:25Question/Topic #1: Fat Loss & Muscle Building Made Simple AF!

44:45 – Joe talks about today’s sponsor – Hellowater

50:25Question/Topic #2: How to identify the most qualified physical therapist or personal trainer for you

1:06:10 – Question/Topic #3: What former “non-negotiable” training/nutrition topics has Joe changed his mind on over the years?


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Thanks for listening!

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