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Focus Food passes rigorous testing to become NSF Certified for Sport!


“You sure this thing is legal??”

“What the hell is in that bar? I ate one before studying yesterday and I actually felt like studying all day!” 

“I eat one of your bars before every game; you promise I won’t fail a drug test if I get tested after the game!?” 

“Dude, I’m addicted to eating your bar before training; you sure they’re not illegal??” 

The above statements are actual statements that I’ve been asked (on a regular basis) since the re-birth of the DeFranco Energy Bar, aka, the new and improved FOCUS FOOD EnerGI Bar!

Yale’s Tom “Google” McCarthy was skeptical of Focus Food’s contents at first. (Hey, you can’t put anything past a Yale guy.) But now Tom eats a Focus Food before every workout. He’s pictured here deadlifting 495lbs. + 120lbs. of chain for 3 reps! 


Anyone who has eaten a Focus Food bar can relate to the statements listed above. Simply put, the taste and feeling you get after eating a Focus Food bar is almost too good to be true! So I totally understand everyone’s concern. And let’s be honest, the supplement industry isn’t exactly the most credible industry in the world!

Hopefully everyone is now aware that it is (very) possible to fail a drug test from taking a legal, “natural” supplement that can be purchased at any local health food store. Unfortunately, the supplement industry is not regulated by the FDA, so there are unethical companies that “take advantage” of this by making false label claims — or they just blatantly spike their products with prescription pharmaceuticals without listing them on the label! This is why athletes are constantly failing drug tests, even though they haven’t taken anything “illegal”. This is also why I’ve found myself recommending fewer supplements to my athletes over the years. I now stick with “foundational supplements” only — and I stick with the 2 or 3 companies in the industry that I know I can trust. 



FOCUS FOOD’s ability to boost strength, energy, mental clarity and overall feeling of well-being made some people skeptical as to whether or not this great-tasting snack contained any banned substances — even my own athletes would look at me funny after eating a bar and then PR’ing in the gym that same day!

This type of response dates all the way back to early 2006 when the first-ever sample batch of DeFranco Energy Bars [currently, Focus Food EnerGI Bars] arrived at my gym in plain silver wrappers. That morning, I asked the 7 guys that I was training for the NFL Combine to try my new product before our speed workout. Their first reaction was, “Damn, this candy bar is good!! But why are you having us eat a candy bar before training?!” Long story short; when I tested their 20-yard sprint times, all 7 athletes PR’d! I’ll never forget that day; it was unreal. The first athlete to PR that day was a little-known wide receiver from Monmouth University named Miles Austin. After PR’ing by .07 seconds in his 20-yard sprint and having a great workout, he looked at me and said, “You sure that candy bar is legal? I felt great today, but that shady silver wrapper scares me a little!” The rest – as they say – is history! 

In order to put everyone’s mind at ease and separate Focus Food from all the other products out there, GI Nutrition has invested a ton of time & money to put Focus Food through the most rigorous testing in the industry! I am now very proud to announce that Focus Food is officially NSF Certified for Sport


NSF International is an independent, not-for-profit organization that certifies products and writes standards for dietary supplements. NSF’s International Athletic Banned Substances Certification Program, also known as NSF Certified for Sport, helps athletes, coaches, and trainers make more informed decisions when choosing nutritional products. The program has been recommended by key athletic organizations, including: MLB, MLBPA, NFL, NFLPA, NCAA, WADA and CCES.

To meet the requirements of NSF, Focus Food has undergone the following testing protocols: review of toxicological formulation and marketing materials, facility inspection/GMP audit, annual label claim, laboratory testing/analysis, banned substance screening of over 130 analytes, & product certification.


FYI, there is only 1 other protein bar on the market that has met NSF Certification requirements, yet it does NOT contain the amount of protein, or the one-of-a-kind energy blend, that’s found in Focus Food! Simply put, there is NO COMPETITION…

Focus Food is – hands down – the #1 Protein-Energy Bar in the World! 



***Focus Food is also the official pre-workout supplement/snack of this years NFL Combine/Pro Day class.

You can check out some members of this year’s class in action in the video clip below…



***SPECIAL OFFER: In honor of receiving our NSF Certification, we are giving everyone who reads this blog a discount on Focus Food! To order your discounted Focus Food, click the link below and type in the promo code “DEFRANCO” (all caps) when you place your order! 

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If you are a high school, college or professional strength & conditioning coach looking to provide/recommend safe supplements to your athletes; contact to get more info on supplying Focus Food and other NSF Certified products to your athletes. Tell him Joe D. sent ya! 


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