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One of the things that I am going to start incorporating into my blog posts are feature workouts on various athletes of different sports. Today I decided to feature two of our female volleyball players – Rachel Bello & Stephanie Roco. Rachel was a 4-year starter at the University of Rhode Island and is now preparing to play professionally overseas. Stephanie was a standout player at Immaculate Heart Academy HS and will be continuing her career at Iona College this fall.

Today’s workout was a Repetition Upper Body workout for Rachel and Stephanie. This workout is somewhat “unique” compared to the basic template that many of our readers are used to seeing. I thought everyone would like to see some of the little tweaks and variations that we use with our athletes on a daily basis. It’s important for people to see how much variety can be incorporated into our basic template. As trainers and coaches, we must constantly be thinking “outside the box”. Here’s what today’s workout looks like on paper:

1. Hand-over-hand Rope Pull – 6 sets w/ the 75-foot tug-of-war rope

2A. Incline, Alternate DB bench (palms in) – 3×8 each arm
2B. Lat Pulldowns (pronated) – 3×12
3. “Shoulder Shocker” (front plate raises, DB lateral raises, DB clean & press) – 2×30
4A. Kettlebell Swings – 2×20
4B. Mini band pull-aparts – 2×12
5. Med Ball Ab Circuit (russian twists x 30sec., rotational sit-upsx10, toe touchesx20) – 3x thru circuit

Now here’s what the workout looks like ‘in action’…


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