Episode # 405

How To Read Supplement Labels [Buyer Beware], The Most Common Nutritional Deficiencies & More!

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Released on February 2, 2023


0:00 – Show intro

0:55Kabuki Education Week announcement! [*Use coupon: joedefranco30]

3:40 – Joe announces/reads this week’s winning iTunes review

6:25 – DeFranco-brand supplement sale announcement! [*Use coupon: honest10]

8:10 – Joe introduces today’s sponsor – Rhone

13:15Joe welcomes Jamie Dorley to the podcast | Episode begins…

18:20 – The “Big 4” Underlying Causes of Sickness/Dysfunction

23:40 – How To Read Supplement Labels [discussion begins…]

24:15 – What to look for in a quality Fish Oil supplement

36:25 – What to look for in a quality Magnesium supplement

48:05 – What to look for in a quality Protein Powder

54:20 – Buyer Beware: “Protein spiking” & other cost-cutting/deceptive methods to look out for [when purchasing protein powder]

58:10 – The truth about “protein bars”

1:02:50 – Why DeFranco’s Clean Greens is the best greens drink on the planet 🙂

1:12:40 – One of the easiest, most undervalued ways to determine the quality of your protein powder or greens drink


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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