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Is Hamstring Stretching Overrated??


Q: Hey Joe –

I’m bummed I wasn’t able to attend the stretch to win seminar at your facility this past wknd. Couldn’t make it out to nj with my work schedule. Is there any way you can write up a quick recap or key points from the wknd? My hamstrings constantly bother me and feel tight all the time. I warmup before training and stretch my hammy’s every morning yet nothing seems to work long term.. Any info or tips you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I’m a huge fan of yours from TX! (Go Texans!!) 



A: Nick,

Sorry you couldn’t make it to the seminar this weekend. Ann & Chris Frederick – once again – provided a ton of practical information on the topic of Fascial Stretch Therapy…and (as always) they kept things very entertaining and fun 🙂 I strongly encourage you to take their Level 1 Course if flexibility is a topic you’re interested in. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — they are, hands down, the leading authorities in the world regarding Stretch Therapy.

If you want to be the best; surround yourself with people who are smarter than you


Out of respect to Ann & Chris, I won’t write a “recap” of the weekend because it is their material…I was just the “host” and an attendee this weekend. I wouldn’t feel right “giving away” all of the valuable information that they provided to the seminar attendees. BUT, I will give you a little information that will hopefully change your mindset regarding your “tight hamstrings”…

Think about this: There are over 25 muscles that cross the hip, so why does everyone stretch the muscle (hamstrings) that’s the most irritated? Your hamstrings will ‘release’ through hip traction and stretching the glutes, hip flexors and other surrounding muscles. Once you “open up” the surrounding muscles, it becomes much easier to stretch the hamstrings (with much less pain and irritation). 

The above point was proven time and time again this weekend. Ann & Chris provided us with their “best bang for your buck” lower body stretches. Guess what? There wasn’t one direct hamstring stretch in their “Elite 8” stretches! The amazing thing was that every seminar attendee added 5-20 degrees to their straight leg (hamstring) test after tractioning the hip and stretching the surrounding muscles!

The all-important glute stretch & “swoop”

To conclude, I think people need to start approaching their flexibility training in the same fashion that they approach their weight training. What I mean by this is that you shouldn’t always directly treat the “problem”; find the cause of the problem and treat that. Doing this will yield much faster – as well as long-term – results!

-Joe D.

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