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Joe D. reveals his Top 2 Secrets to “Making It” in the Personal Training Business

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Joe D. 

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  1. Joe,
    Finally have heard someone tell it like it is. I have been involved with training highschool athletes, first responders, military enlistees and business people since the age of 24. I am now 53 and after taking a a self induced break to raise a family from the age of 34 to 46, I realized that the only thing that was fulfilling as a career was the training and the people I mentored and coached. Like you, I have had my fill of the young up and comers who are the self proclaimed experts, without having put the time in. This “business ” must be a lifestyle and you have to live it before you can train others. As a competitive natural powerlifter, boxer and former semi-pro football player ( I won’t go into the military aspect of my life.) I have experienced various forms of training and it’s many facets. Nothing beats actually living the way you train or in other words practice what you preach. One must be an example to those that look to you for guidance and or that special indefinable something that makes one a great coach. It’s not technical finesse nor book knowledge. it’s a spark that inspires. I strive to find that within myself every day!

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