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Joe D’s “Limber 11” (flexibility routine)


I can’t believe it’s been almost five years since I posted my original Agile 8 flexibility routine. For those unfamiliar with how that routine came about, here’s the quick story:

At the time, there were the “over-reactors” & “under-reactors” regarding flexibility. The over-reactors promoted very comprehensive flexibility routines, but most of these routines took over an hour to complete or required special equipment. The “under-reactors” were those who said, “F#ck it, I just wanna lift”, so they didn’t perform any flexibility what-so-ever. As with most things in life, the answer to the flexibility “problem” could be found somewhere in the middle of the extremists. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much (if any) practical information out there that covered this “middle ground”.

I pride myself as being a “voice of reason” in the fitness industry, so I wanted to provide a realistic flexibility routine that would help almost anyone. I realized that many people find stretching boring as hell, so if I was going to get them to actually do it, it couldn’t take all day to complete. So instead of coming up with the “War & Peace” of flexibility routines, I  decided to provide people with 8 simple stretches/mobility drills that easily flowed together and dramatically reduced low back tightness in under 15 minutes. The end result turned out to be a wildly popular routine that helped (and continues to help)  thousands of people worldwide that otherwise hated stretching!

I will be the first to admit that there is nothing “special” or “magical” about the Agile 8. But the “secret” to its success and longevity lies in the fact that people actually do it. This can hopefully be a lesson to all coaches and trainers regarding the power of simplicity. You can write up the greatest program in the world, but it aint worth sh*t if no one does it!

Now that I’ve explained the history of the Agile 8; I’ll explain the reasoning behind this blog post:

Since there are so many people performing the Agile 8 and our audience continues to grow daily, I wanted to ensure that everyone continues to get the most out of the routine. I thought it would be a huge help to make a video of the routine so people can see how to perform each exercise, instead of relying on written descriptions.

So, without further ado, I bring you the updated version of the Agile 8…

The Limber 11!  


The Limber 11

1. Foam Roll IT Band: 10-15 passes 

2. Foam Roll Adductors: 10-15 passes 

3. SMR Glutes (lax ball): 30sec. – 2min. 

4. Bent-knee Iron Cross x 5-10 each side

5. Roll-overs into V-sits x 10

6. Rocking Frog Stretch x 10

7. Fire Hydrant Circles x 10 fwd/10 bwd

8. Mountain Climbers x 10 each leg

9. Cossack Squats x 5-10 each side

10. Seated Piriformis Stretch x 20-30sec. each side

11. Rear-foot-elevated Hip Flexor Stretch x 5-10 reps (3sec. hold) each side

-Joe D.

PS – If you want to learn more about this type of stretching and mobility training, check out these two AMAZING resources:




  1. It’s incredibly important to be flexible and limber before working out and doing any extended physical activity. My muscles always feel better after a good stretch before and after a workout.

  2. I was searching for a great mobility routine for our athletes and came across this. Simple, yet effective and so much better than just regular static stretching. Thanks so much!

  3. I’ve Been working out on the gym last couple of years. I admit that if it is very easy to start but very hard to continue. You need to have perseverance and dedication to finish what you’ve started.

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  5. I use most of these often with both myself, a professional wrestler who often finds himself in unorthodox physical situations (be them intentional or not), and with clients that could use the extra “leg up” (no pun intended) as a fitness professional on basic movements. My only addition for some, including myself, is a static calf stretch. Thank you Joe, from a follower since your site’s inception!

  6. There are many different people with a lot of opinions. The best thing you can do is to see what works best for your body and maximizes the chances of you not getting seriously hurt.

  7. most gyms have machines where you can stretch before or after you start the weights. You can always do a good run on the treadmill before you start in the absence of equipment that helps you stretch.

  8. I find it much easier to do some type of Cardiovascular exercise for 15 to 20 minutes before i hit the weights. Usually use a treadmill or the some of type of machine that will work out all my muscle groups before I begin.

  9. This is exactly what I needed! My back gets super sore when working under the hoods of cars all day. Thanks for the great content! I will keep following you

  10. I have been 2 of the 5 excercises for the last 20 years.
    It certainly gets tougher the older you get. BUT i have
    noticed friends of my age have fat bellies and hardle walk.

    Stretching and flexibility routines have really made the difference
    especially in the driving long hours work….
    If it wasn’t for these routines things may be a lot different.
    Your posts are a reall reminder to us all… thanks.

  11. Thanks for this article. To be upfront, I do work for a limo hire company in Perth. So being flexible in my body movements is so important. Followed your routine and I have definitely seen an improvement already. Now I can work all day everyday! Feel like a young chap again.

  12. Hey Joe,

    I think it would be a great idea if you came up with an upper body equivalent to the limber 11 routine. I’m sure it would be a big hit.
    Thanks in advance,

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  14. Love this routine, but could you fix the video not showing up on the page? It’s a huge hassle to have to link to 2 different pages to list out the routine and also link to the youtube video.

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  16. This is great! I do have a question I find it very hard to contract my glutes in the last exercise. Like I try to squeeze but nothing happens. Help !

  17. I was searching for a great mobility routine for our athletes and came across this. Simple, yet effective and so much better than just regular static stretching. Thanks so much!

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