Episode # 239

Joe’s Uncensored Opinion on “The Game Changers” Documentary, UFC’s Drug Testing Policy & More!

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Released on October 31, 2019


0:00 – Show intro (Halloween & life talk)

5:35 – Joe gives an overview of today’s 2 main show topics

10:45Muscle Up Monday Supplement Sale Announcement!

12:00 – Joe talks about today’s sponsor – Tiger Balm Active

16:00Podcast begins [Joe starts his review of “The Game Changers”]

23:20 – The 1st thing that annoyed Joe about the documentary

28:00 – The 2nd thing that annoyed Joe about the documentary

32:25 – The 3rd thing that annoyed Joe about the documentary

36:30 –  The 4th thing that annoyed Joe about the documentary

43:15 – The major piece of information that was left out (regarding the featured athletes’ diets)

49:15 – The problem with the fitness industry (that the documentary contributed to)

50:30 –  Joe’s final thoughts/summary of “The Game Changers”

57:40 – Joe reads a question from a listener asking his opinion on the UFC’s drug testing policy

1:01:10 – Joe shares his opinion of the UFC’s current drug testing policy

1:06:30 – Joe provides a completely different point-of-view/suggestion regarding the future of drug testing


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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