Lost Secrets of Strength Seminar DVD’s on SALE!

Check out the video below…

So there you have it; Zach Even-Esh and I have decided to release our last LOST SECRETS OF STRENGTH Seminar on DVD! The DVD series contains over 6 hours of our most effective training and business strategies, along with a killer workout!

We limited this seminar to 15 attendees to ensure quality. Our seminars sell out fast – but unfortunately – there are always a dedicated few that get left out. This is what prompted us to make a limited supply of this seminar available on DVD. We also decided to limit the amount of seminar DVD’s to “protect” the attendees that flew in from all over the country to attend the seminar. These people invested $350, plus hotel and travel expenses, to make it to New Jersey and attend this seminar in person. Out of respect to these people who busted their ass to make it happen, we decided on releasing just 50 copies of this product on each of our websites. (Although we mentioned we were making 100 DVD’s each in the above video; we decided to make only 50 each! We are NOT trying to reach the “masses” with this product; the goal is to provide an incredibly valuable resource for the 1% of coaches, trainers and business owners that want to be the BEST at what they do.) Once these DVD’s are gone; they’re gone for good! So if you’re looking to make an incredible investment that will come back 10-fold, take action NOW!!

Here are some highlights from the seminar…


BONUS Audio CD!!!


Everyone who orders the LOST SECRETS OF STRENGTH DVD PACKAGE will also receive this FREE Audio CD!! I can’t tell you how proud and excited I am of this CD! Zach and I got on the phone last month and next thing you know, we started throwing around training ideas and business concepts that I feel are THE blueprint for success in this industry! We covered so much information that we ran out of tape and had to continue recording the following week! ALL of this is provided on the Audio CD!

Here are some of the topics that are covered in this jam-packed, 1-hour Audio CD…

-New athlete/client ASSESSMENTS


-Joe D. tells a hilarious TRUE-STORY of an “internet guru’s” workout at DeFranco’s…if you can call it a “workout” LOL!

-How to incorporate “PRE-HAB & REHAB” exercises into your “base template”

-How to design an EFFECTIVE PROGRAM based on your facility, or lack-there-of!

-How to organize GROUP TRAINING SESSIONS without “watering down” your program!

-Learn about both Zach & Joe D’s “humble beginnings” and get their equipment, marketing and budget recommendations for starting your own business!!! (This section is worth the price of the product in and of itself!)

There’s not much more I can say about this DVD-CD PACKAGE. Most of the seminar attendees invested well over $750 on their trip to New Jersey to get the information that’s provided on these DVD’s. We are offering the entire 6-HOUR SEMINAR, along with the Audio CD, for only $297 !!!

If you want to be the “leader of the pack” in your area, you must invest in your knowledge just like Zach and I have done (and continue to do) for the past two decades! Remember that KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! To get the LOST SECRETS OF STRENGTH SEMINAR PACKAGE, click HERE!

This is an educational resource that will remain in your library for a lifetime…guaranteed!

-Joe D.


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