NEW DVD & Employment Opportunity!

As many of you know, our recently-released POWER! DVD has already become a world-wide success (and I want to thank all of you for that)! POWER! has already sold in 48 different countries and the feedback has been overwhelming! We literally haven’t received ONE negative comment regarding the dvd… well, actually, we have had a bunch of emails from people that did have one “problem” with the dvd. Here’s an excerpt from one of the “problem” emails that I recently received:

“You guys have raised the bar with your POWER DVD! You have definitely set a new standard for informational dvd’s in the industry. My only problem is that you can’t possibly top a product of this quality…”


So there you have it; many people felt that we couldn’t possibly “top” our POWER! DVD. Well – sorry to break the news – but we raised the bar again 🙂 You may want to add THIS to your Christmas list ASAP…


‘Imperfection Training’ methods for superhuman strength, health & power potential

Hopefully that got your attention Wink 

Keep checking back for the release date of this innovative product! (The goal date is late November/early December.)



I’m going to cut to the chase. I’m looking for a highly-motivated, passionate, educated, confident (yet humble), stud to assist me in training my NFL Combine class this year. Here’s the details:

When: 1st week of January to the 2nd week of March (Monday thru Saturday each week)

Where: DeFranco’s Gym, NJ, USA

Time: Approximately 10am – 2pm each day

What the hell do you have to do? Everything!

Seriously, you will have the opportunity to do a little of everything. First of all; you’re going to get the education of a lifetime by becoming part of a world-renowned team. My Combine Program is what originally “put us on the map” and now YOU will be a part of our gym ‘family’ during this very important, busy and exciting time of year!

Hopefully you noticed that one of my qualifications is that you must be humble! Although you will be assisting with many aspects of training elite athletes, you will also be required to set up the gym for each session, clean up after each session, clean the bathroom, take out the garbage, etc. If you think you’re “above” this kind of work, DO NOT APPLY! (I’ve been doing the “dirty work” for 15 years now; if you can’t do it for 3 friggin’ months, I don’t want you in my house!) 

Now here’s the really exciting news…

I’m not promising anything, but once your internship is completed, there’s a good chance there may be an employment opportunity at my gym. As my business continues to grow, I am definitely looking to hire a new Performance Coach in the very near future. If you prove to be an asset to my team during your internship, there’s a good chance that YOU may become the new member of our team! Because of this, I am only interested in interns who would like to become a member of our team. This internship is NOT for people who own their own gym and are just looking to “learn from us & leave”. 

If you’re interested in this internship, you must:

*Be responsible for your own housing and transportation to/from the gym. (Having your own car is preferred/recommended.) 

*Submit a video resume to with the words “NFL Combine Intern” in the subject line. 

*Your video must be LESS than 4 minutes long!

*Include the following info in your video: Your name, education, sports played, biggest influences in the industry, professional experience (if any), and tell me why you would be an asset to DeFranco’s Gym.

*Videos must be submitted by Friday, November 18th. Any videos submitted after this date will not be considered! 


Looking forward to hearing from some motivated people!

-Joe D. 


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