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One-on-One Training is Dead!

I could make 100 jokes here, but I’ll leave it alone…

At my facility, all of our athletes train in groups. It hasn’t always been this way, but once we made the change I knew we would never go back. Besides some rare cases in which athletes are coming back from injuries, etc., we have found training athletes in groups to be far superior to one-on-one.

Although many gyms “promote” the fact that all of their sessions are one-on-one with a “certified” personal trainer, I don’t look at that as a “selling point” anymore. To me, it is actually detrimental to the results of your gym and your athlete’s performance. Simply put, training athletes in groups is the way to go if you’re looking to create a winning culture!
Here’s why…

One of the keys to the success of my gym is the atmosphere that’s created by the athletes. The atmosphere that’s created when you put a group of motivated individuals under one roof, with one goal, is impossible to match in a one-on-one setting! And if an athlete comes to the gym after a bad day and doesn’t feel like training, the energy of the group will push him through the workout.

Nothing brings out the best in athletes like competition. Show me a great athlete and I’ll show you an individual that probably hates to lose! “Competing” in the weight room or on the field is a surefire way to accelerate your gains and improve your mental toughness! Now this doesn’t mean that kids should always try and lift weights they can’t handle, but it gives them something to work towards if they are around stronger, more talented, individuals.



What athlete wouldn’t want to step into our gym and train under the same roof with the group in the above video?

I like to think of all the athletes in my gym as one big team – regardless of age, sport, gender, race or strength levels. Training athletes in groups is a great way for all the clients in your gym to see each other train, get to know each other, respect each other’s sacrifices, goals, etc. When you create this “fraternity” in your gym, your results will sky-rocket (regardless of your training philosophy). And you will NEVER dread going to “work” again because of the positive energy that fills the gym on a daily basis.



Although there are many friendly competitions that are created by the group atmosphere, everyone still wants to see their training partners succeed! Nothing is more encouraging before a big lift or event than having a group of athletes surround you while yelling and screaming words of encouragement!



Nothing helps a coach/personal trainer more than when their athletes can actually help them teach lifts, spot, and yell cues and words of encouragement to the other athletes while they’re training. When athletes train in a groups, they not only perform the lifts, they can see other athletes perform the lifts as well. This combination is the best way to learn and have a better understanding of the training, techniques, etc.



Anyone who’s been in the personal training business for any amount of time has suffered from the awkward silence that takes place in between sets with some clients. The group atmosphere totally eliminates this aspect of the business and creates a much faster, more intense pace to your workouts!


Let’s face it…as much as many of us love what we do, it is still a business and we have to pay the bills, put food on the table, take care of the kids, etc.! Like it or not, there is a certain amount of money that every trainer needs to make per hour in order to make ends meet. The beauty of group training is that the trainer can charge each athlete less, while still earning the money he/she needs per hour. There aren’t many other areas in life where you can get something for less when it’s actually a better product!


Are you convinced yet?

Joe D.


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