Episode # 166

The Good, Bad & Ugly of Owning a Business and Being in a Relationship [Joe & Ashley DeFranco TELL ALL!]

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Released on May 31, 2018


0:00 – Show intro / overview

Joe & Ashley’s best memory together is walking with their twins down the aisle at their wedding 🙂

5:25 – Joe announces a podcast sponsorship/partnership opportunity

7:50 – Joe attempts to have Ashley tell Orlando to “HIT THE DAMN INTRO MUSIC!”

14:35 – How Joe balanced family & business during his early years (before the success came)

7:05 – How many relationships has Joe lost because of business?

16:25 – How did Joe and Ashley meet?

33:45 – How often does Joe bring his work problems home to Ashley?

38:10 – Joe & Ashley share what they dislike most about each another

53:25 – The importance of knowing your partners “love language”

1:01:00 – Joe & Ashley’s best memory together

1:03:30 – Was Ashley ever resentful of Joe and his gym?

1:07:00 – Joe explains how putting on a good “performance” at work can be misinterpreted by your spouse

1:10:55 – Finding time to be intimate when you have a crazy schedule

1:13:35 – Joe & Ashley discuss the infamous vlog clip of Ashley running in the gym parking lot in flip flops

1:15:30 – How did Joe feel about dating Ashley during the early years when she was NOT into training?

1:17:20 – Why Joe does NOT train his wife?

1:20:00 – How to deal with “flirty” clients

1:28:00 – What do Ashley & Joe disagree on as far as how they raise their kids?

1:32:20 – How Ashley ended up gaining respect for her husband by training with other trainers

1:35:40 – How does Joe prioritize writing programs for his paying clients versus his wife?

1:39:00 – Joe & Ashley share their closing thoughts and advice

1:45:00 – Joe announces the next Muscle-Up Monday sale at www.DeFrancosNutrition.com


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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