POWER! DVD Update & STRETCH To WIN Course Announcement!

I wanted to start off this blog update by thanking everyone for their support and feedback on our recently-released POWER! DVD/Ebook. In just over a week, the DVD has been shipped to 48 different countries!! (Yes, you read that right :)) I couldn’t be prouder of this product…and I couldn’t be more humbled by the overwhelming amount of positive feedback! THANKS to everyone who has purchased and endorsed this product thus far!

Speaking of POWER!, I wanted to share my most recent youtube video with my readers. Below you will see a quick video clip from Nick Rettenmyer’s training with me, as he prepared for the USA Skeleton Push Titles in Lake Placid, NY. The video shows an extremely effective method for developing POWER!

To learn more about WHY we use the “Dumbell Drop Method”, along with many different variations of this method, check out our POWER! DVD by clicking HERE! 


DeFranco’s Gym to host STRETCH To WIN COURSE! 

Anyone who has read this website for any amount of time knows how I feel about Ann & Chris Frederick and their “Stretch to Win” program. Simply put, I feel they are the best in the world at what they do!


I took a “Stretch to Win” Certification Course over 10 years ago and I’ve been utilizing their methods with my athletes ever since! This is why I’m extremely excited to announce that Ann & Chris will be coming to my gym on April 13-14, 2012, to host their Fascial Stretch Therapy Essentials Course!  This 2-day course is appropriate for trainers, coaches, chiropractors, therapists, and all other bodyworkers. I will personally be in attendence taking the course myself – along with the rest of our DeFranco’s Gym crew – so we hope YOU’LL be here learning along with us! This course will be limited to 30 people and it will SELL OUT FAST! As a bonus to the dedicated readers of this website, Ann & Chris have posted an early Registration/Sign-up page for those who don’t want to take any chances and reserve their spot NOW! (FYI: Attendees must be able to bring their own stretching/massage table if asked.) For more specific information on this course and/or to sign up now, click the link below:

STRETCH TO WIN @ DeFranco’s Gym!

I’m pumped to learn new ways to improve flexibility, mobility, power, and the overall health of our athletes from two of the best in the biz!

See you in April!

-Joe D. 


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