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“Behind the Scenes” – Dynamic / Rep Upper Body Workout


Check out “Behind the Scenes” as a couple of our high school athletes perform an upper body workout at our gym!

Here’s a copy of the actual workout:


1. Tire Battles: 5x10-20 seconds (Vary time each set)

2. Flat DB Bench Press, palms in: 1xMax reps

3A. Inverted Rows, feet elevated (Thick Double-D handle): 3×10
3B. Underhand grip band pull-aparts: 3×12

4A. Cable Lateral Raises (thick handle): 2×10
4B. Seated DB Clean+Press: 2×10

5. Battling Ropes: 2×30 seconds

6. “Hercules” Hold (w/ entire weight stack): 2xMax time

Check out some highlights of the actual workout…

Let us know what you thought about the workout by leaving your feedback/questions in the comments section below!

-Joe D.


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