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“Behind the Scenes” – Summer Football Conditioning begins!


It’s the time of year when tons of people start emailing me regarding my thoughts on football conditioning. Although most college strength & conditioning coaches prefer things like 300-yard shuttles and endless 110-yard sprints; we do things differently at DeFranco’s. We prefer conditioning methods that actually improve an athlete’s power, as opposed to taking away from it.

Since it’s the first week of June, our goal wasn’t to murder everyone; but we did want to challenge them with a tough, anaerobic conditioning workout to “break everyone in”. As the summer progresses, we will increase the volume – and the specificity – of our football conditioning workouts. If today was any indication of the caliber of athlete we have training with us this summer; we’re in pretty damn good shape. Not one of the 17 high school & college football players that performed the below workout puked today. That is a very good start and it shows none of our boys “let themselves go” this off-season.

Here are the specifics of today’s workout:

*We started with some warm-up exercises and stretches that will be outlined in our AMPED WARM-UP DVD/MANUAL, then we did the following:

1A. Band TKE’s – 4×15
1B. DB Squat Jumps (holding 15’s) – 4×5

“FOUR QUARTERS” (Rest 2min. between each quarter)

1st Quarter: Prowler Sprints (70 lbs. on each side) – 6 x 20 yards, rest 30-45sec. b/t ea. sprint

2nd Quarter: Tire Battles – 4x10sec., rest 30sec. b/t sets

3rd Quarter: Resisted TredSled Sprints – 5x5sec., rest 45sec. b/t sprints

4th Quarter: Rope Battles – 3x30sec.


Here are some quick, “behind the scenes” video clips from the above workout…


Keep checkin’ back for more “behind the scenes” summer workouts!

-Joe D.



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