“Built like a Badass” ebook preview!

One of the signs of a BADASS physique is a muscular back!

During the past couple of days, my email and facebook message inboxes have been flooded with questions regarding the release of our “Built like a Badass” ebook.

“When will the program be released”?

“Who will benefit from the program”?

“What does the program consist of”?

“Is it similar to your ‘Westside for Skinny Batsards’ template”?

“Do I need to purchase any special equipment before starting this program”?


Due to popular demand, I decided to give some general information regarding the program before it’s released. This will enable our readers to decide if they are “candidates” for the ‘Badass System’ ahead of time. I obviously can’t give away any specifics, but the following info should give everyone a better understanding of our “Built like a Badass” ebook.

First of all, I’m very pleased to announce that the “Built like a Badass” ebook will be launched on or before Tuesday, November 10th. The ebook will be sold on our STORE page and only our STORE page at this time. I also want to clarify that this product will be an E-book. This means that immediately upon purchasing this product, you will receive an email with a link to the product. THE PRODUCT DOES NOT GET DELIVERED IN THE MAIL!! An e-book is a PDF file that you open and read on your computer. (You can obviously print it out and make it a “hard copy” manual if you like.) I just needed to clarify this because some people are still unclear about ebooks.

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As I was in the middle of writing this blog post, I received an email from World-Renowned Strength Coach & Fat-Loss Expert, Alwyn Cosgrove. Alwyn emailed me his feedback from the advanced copy of “Built like a Badass” that I sent him last week. As many of you already know, Alwyn is one of the brightest minds in the fitness industry. Needless to say, I was excited (and a little nervous) to hear what he had to say about our newest creation. Once I started reading his email, I decided to stop writing my blog post and just share with you guys what Alwyn had sent me. After all, I figured that people would rather hear from an un-biased expert, as opposed to my “biased” opinion regarding the program HA! 🙂

Here’s what Alwyn had to say…

About a year ago I was talking with my friend Joe DeFranco. The conversation quickly turned to business. (Joe is one of the few guys who has gained a lot of popularity because of his online presence, but he actualy makes a living in the real world training people. I love talking with guys in the industry that really fuc#ing train people – not just write articles about training people!) DeFranco’s Training has become world-renowned for the results they’ve gotten training athletes – but Joe and I were talking about what we both felt was the most under-served market in the fitness industry — the “washed up meathead”.

Please don’t get me wrong – the term “washed-up meathead” is not a derogatory term. It’s a fun term for the former athlete who still loves to train. The guy (or girl) who used to be a competitive athlete and trained for sport, but has now retired, or is just playing on weekends. This group wants to stay ATHLETIC. They want to look better, feel better and perform better. But this group of individuals has run into some challenges. Here are just a few:

They no longer have the recovery ability that they once had. Many times, this is because they no longer do the mobility and conditioning that they once did for their sport. Their only “mobility” and “conditioning” is what they do in the gym — and let’s be honest, it’s not much more than an after-thought once they finish their weight training. The problem is, they don’t want to feel beat up from their training – they want to feel better. But, with the lack of flexibility/mobility and conditioning – many times their strength-training ends up doing more harm then good. This eventually leads them to give up training all-together.

Most “washed-up meatheads” also have careers and families that, let’s face it – definitely come first. Because of this, many of them can only devote three or four hours per week to training. As a trainer/coach, if you can’t get them physically fit in that time frame, they will walk out the door and go to another gym.

The other “problem” with this group is that they want their workouts to be fun and exciting. Because most of them have played competitive sports in the past, they like to compete. Since their competitive days are over, they want some new and exciting challenges in the weightroom. They don’t want to walk in the gym and do the same, boring workout that everyone else is doing.

Finally, most people in this group are no longer training in state-of-the-art university or professional facilities. They are now bunched with “normal” people at “normal” health clubs or corporate gyms. This dramatically reduces their equipment and exercise selection options.

This group hasn’t only been overlooked in the gym; they have been overlooked in terms of programs and information products online as well. But last week this all changed when Joe sent me a preview copy of “Built like a Badass“. This program is the brainchild of Joe and his staff and it’s for the exact demographic I have been talking about! I quickly went through it looking for every little detail. Is there enough heavy work? Is there too much heavy work? What about conditioning? Enough? Too much? How’s the volume? Will someone feel better because of this? Look better? Perform Better?

This program passed with flying colors! It’s sick. Seriously! Joe and his team really stepped up with this one. The exercises are unique and hardcore (just as you’d expect from a DeFranco program), but the loading and conditioning guidelines are smart enough that it’ll build guys up, instead of breaking them down.

But if you’re like me – talk is cheap – results are what matters. Well, this program passes on that count too – as this is exactly what Joe and his team do. This program isn’t a magazine article where there is limited space, or you can only shoot five exercises because that’s all the room they have for photos. This program is exactly what you’d get if you rolled into Dirtee Jerzee and trained with Joe and his team!!!! But, you’re able to get this world-class information at a fraction of the investment!

Any former athlete, ‘Average Joe’ or police/fire/military personnel would be crazy not to pick this Ebook up when it’s released!!

-Alwyn Cosgrove


I wanted to back up some of the things that Alwyn had to say with some more proof of the effectiveness of this program. Here’s another one of our “test subjects” after completing the 12-week program…

BEFORE – 228 pounds

carr_before carr_before_back

AFTER – 198 “Badass” pounds

carr_after carr_after_back2

The above “test subject” also improved from 11 chin-ups to 23 chin-ups during the 12 weeks…and on Week 11 of this program he came within 15 pounds of his all-time best deadlift (570 lbs.)! The most impressive thing about his 555 lb. deadlift was that he did it at a bodyweight that was 30 pounds less than when he deadlifted 570!!


As you can tell, this program isn’t just about being built like a badass — completing this program will definitely give you some “go” to go along with your “show“!

On a personal note, I was able to bench 315 pounds for 10 reps and floor press 140 lb. dumbells for 10 reps while on this program. I can’t tell you how many years it’s been since I was able to bench 315 for 10 — and I’ve never gotten the 140’s for 10 reps on dumbell floor presses before completing this program! I gotta tell you – I think the set/rep/percentage scheme we came up with for the main lifts on this program is THE best system I’ve ever used for the combination of size and strength gains! I’m obviously not going to reveal the system we created for the BADASS Program – so for now – all I can say is, “The film doesn’t lie, kids“…


And when I refer to having “go” to go along with your “show“, I’m not just referring to strength. We provide some unique “finishers” at the end of each workout that will take your conditioning beyond what it was back in your “playing days”! And one thing’s for sure — you will never be bored during the conditioning portions of this program! Our “BeZercher Barbell Complex” is just one example to back up my statement…


By the way, although we consider this program the “Rolls Royce” of Washed-Up Meathead programs — you do NOT need a “Rolls Royce” caliber gym in order to perform the program! We purposely designed this program so anyone can perform it (in it’s entirety) at any “regular” gym! If you have access to barbells, dumbells and a cable unit, you can perform this program! This program was designed and created for YOU…so we left no stone un-turned!

Now you know why I haven’t updated this blog as frequently during the past couple of months…I wasn’t slacking…I wasn’t hiding…

I just decided to get off the computer and spend more time in the “lab” so we can give back to our fellow “Washed-Up Meatheads”. We neglected them for way too long.

Fortunately, good things come to those who wait..

-Joe D.




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