Episode # 308

Rayron Gracie On The Importance of S&C for BJJ, Getting Attacked Outside of DeFranco’s Gym & More!

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Released on March 11, 2021


1:00 – Joe introduces Rayron Gracie | Podcast begins…

4:40 – Joe shares the (coincidental) ‘post-workout conversation’ that took place moments before Rayron was attacked outside of the gym

6:20 – Rayron tells Joe about the “crazy guy” who attacked him after his workout last week!

18:00 – Why did Rayron decide to contact Joe & start training at DeFranco’s?

23:10 – What can BJJ players learn from American football players?

26:20 – How/Why Brian Cushing’s “handshake” prompted Rayron to call Joe D.

29:50 – How has Rayron’s “newfound strength & conditioning” carried over to BJJ?

32:00 – Why the Gracie family used to think strength training was overrated

44:10 – The best way to get in “BJJ shape”

49:50 – The drawbacks of always training in a fatigued state

51:35 – What Joe told Rayron before his very first workout at DeFranco’s

54:00 – Rayron’s misconception of what he thought a “good coach” was/is

56:40 – “Measurable results” vs “physical feelings”

1:05:35 – Joe gives a preview of next week’s podcast: S&C Considerations for BJJ

1:06:50 – Joe & Rayron talk about Rayon’s new documentary – “Letters To My Father”


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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