Episode # 446

ROUND 3 WITH BEN BRUNO: Training, Business, Online Confrontations & More!

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Released on November 16, 2023


1:50 – Show preview

8:20Ben Bruno joins the show | Podcast begins…

9:40 – How Ben became good at social media & writing online articles

10:15 – Do you have to lift to be a great coach?

18:50 – Have celebrity clients ever complained about Ben’s small (12′ x 15′) garage gym?

30:20 – The not-so-great golf debate

33:50 – Is stretching a waste of time?

43:05 – The truth about “full range of motion” strength training

45:05 – Sled training performance factors that nobody talks about

56:15 – How/When did Ben get confident with his pricing?

1:04:25 – The key to longterm client retention

1:12:10 – Ben’s GO-TO push, pull, hinge & squat variations

1:20:00 – Ben’s favorite lateral lunge variations

1:26:35 – What does a typical workout look like for one of Ben’s clients

1:31:35 – How to get the 95% of the population [that’s sedentary] to start moving?

1:34:50 – How to speak “client”

1:41:40 – Why Mike Israetel roasted Ben’s training…and Ben’s rebuttal to the criticism


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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