DeFranco’s Gym – SUMMER UPDATE!


As usual, my blog posts have been lacking during the summer months. Actually – let’s be honest – they’ve been non-existent 🙂 But, rest assured, I haven’t been laying on a beach and sipping margaritas. I think you’ll agree that I have some legitimate “excuses” for my lackluster online presence this summer.

I’ve been spending the majority of my days in the gym — engrossed in the day-to-day activities that have been taking place during the busiest (and most exciting) summer in DeFranco’s Gym history. If you think this is just “hype”, read on…

Here’s an update of some of the exciting things that have been taking place during the past two months:

Hard:CORE is a worldwide best-seller!


Before addressing my summer announcements, I wanted to say, “Thank You” to everyone who has helped make HARD:CORE another global success in our DVD series. This product has literally shipped all over the world… (I’m actually embarrassed to admit that we’ve even shipped to a few countries I’ve never heard of lol!) This would not be possible without YOUR support. Smitty and I truly appreciate every facebook comment, ‘share’, twitter post, re-tweets, etc. We put a tremendous amount of time, effort, research and passion into our products and it means everything to us when people tell us we OVER-delivered and they’re happy with their investment! Once again, we are truly humbled with the success of this product.



Coming Soon…


If you thought we were satisfied with the success of HARD:CORE and we were going to get complacent — you were wrong!

For the past two months, I have been working with Smitty and Mike Guadango on our next DVD…

This is the one you’ve been asking about for the past 5 YEARS! Well, good things come to those who wait! We have invested a tremendous amount of time, research and money in this DVD in order to bring you a legendary product. We have already filmed actual speed workouts with our NFL athletes as they prepared for training camp – as well as high school and college athletes from a wide variety of team sports. We have spared no expense with the production of this product. In order to enhance the educational value, we hired the best production company/camera crew money can buy. We wanted to capture multiple angles, specific joint positions and high-def slow motion shots for every single drill.

Behind the scenes during one of our SPEED! shoots

Our goal is to create THE definitive product on the topic of speed development for team sports.


We have one more day of filming and then we will begin editting and narration for all the drills. We are hoping to bring you this product by October/November.

Stay tuned!


DRIVEN BEYOND STRENGTH: DeFranco’s Gym Uncensored!

NY Giants offensive lineman Dave Diehl gives a candid interview for our ‘Driven Beyond Strength’ online TV show

You may have noticed that I haven’t posted many youtube videos this summer. Well, it definitely is NOT due to a lack of ‘activity’ in the gym. The reasoning behind the lack of videos was because we were shooting exclusive workout footage for an online TV show that will air this fall.

This TV show will give you a “behind the scenes” look at DeFranco’s Gym and will feature 1-2 athletes each webisode. (Season 1 will consist of 6-8 webisodes.) The show will feature a diverse sampling of some of the unique athletes that train at our gym. Besides getting an inside look at each athlete’s training routine; you will “get to know” each one of them and learn their “back story” and what truly drives them to be the best. Get ready to witness some truly inspirational stories and human beings!

You will ‘get to know’ a different side of Houston Texans linebacker Brian Cushing when this show airs

I am as excited as anyone to see the finished product.

The trailer for Season 1 will be posted by the end of August. Webisode #1 should air sometime in September. Keep checking back so you don’t miss this show!


HUGE Sponsorship Opportunity: We have already been contacted by a bunch of companies regarding sponsorship for this show. (Nike is one of the companies that will be featured.) With our online presence and social network support from dozens of professional athletes, we are looking to reach an audience of about half a million viewers worldwide during Season 1. We will NOT accept just any sponsor for this show. Sponsorship opportunities are limited, but if you’re interested in promoting your business or product to a huge audience, please email Jared Ginsberg at — and write the word “sponsorship” in the subject line.

Get ready to witness one of the most motivational (yet BADASS) shows you’ve ever seen!



New Certification Program Becomes a Reality!


Personal trainers and Performance coaches will probably find this announcement to be the most exciting of all! I am extremely fired up to announce that on September 22nd & 23rd, 2012, “the game” will change forever! “The game” that I’m referring to is the strength & conditioning “certification game”.

Seven years ago, I decided to let all of my certifications expire – even though I possessed two of the most “respected” certifications in the industry. I no longer wanted “letters” after my name because they just didn’t mean anything to me anymore. The reason that they “lost meaning” to me was because I wasn’t using any of the information “in the real world” while training my athletes. This got me thinking:

WHO created these certifications?”

“How much EXPERIENCE did they have?”

“Was their certification course based on theory and textbooks or REAL WORLD RESULTS?”…

To make a long story short; I always wanted to create a global certification based on tons of EXPERIENCE & REAL WORLD RESULTS! After 15+ years in this industry, I’ve logged well over 20,000 training sessions and I have a client list/reputation that I’d put up against anyone in the world. Please don’t get me wrong; I’m not trying to sound cocky or impress you… I’m just trying to impress upon you the fact that this certification isn’t an after-thought to me…this certification is my life! This is why I waited 15 YEARS and trained THOUSANDS of athletes of all ages from across the globe before I felt truly qualified to get involved with teaching a certification.

I am extremely honored and excited to announce that I will be teaching this course with James “Smitty” Smith — a man who has 20 YEARS experience in this field and is truly one of the most intelligent and innovative coaches in the game. Smitty was the true driving force behind making this certification a reality. We are both PUMPED to create a Global Network of intelligent, kick-ass coaches and we’re prepared to take athletic preparation to another level!

To learn everything you need to know about our CAPS Certification, click the link below!!!


If you truly want to be the best coach you can be, Seize the moment!

This thing is going to SELL OUT FASSSST (trust me)!


Hope you enjoyed the ‘inside scoop’ regarding what we’ve been up to in the Dirty Jerz this summer! As you can see, we’ve been keeping busy.




-Joe D.

What announcement are YOU most excited about?? Let me know by leaving a comment below!


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