Episode # 355

The Longevity-Based Approach To Training Like An Athlete

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Released on February 3, 2022


0:00 – Show preview

2:35 – Joe introduces today’s sponsor – Hellowater

10:05 – Podcast begins | Joe reads the email that prompted today’s show

12:20 – What are the [primary] physical attributes that most athletes need?

20:00 – The longevity-based approach to developing speed & power

  • Programming sprints – 22:55
  • Programming jumps – 30:00
  • Programming med ball throws – 36:30

40:40 – The longevity-based approach to developing maximal strength

44:50 – The longevity-based approach to packing on muscle

50:10 – Athletic-based conditioning for the “washed-up meathead”

58:30 – “Quick fix” for low back pain/tightness

1:02:20 – “Quick fix” for knee pain

1:08:15 – “Quick fix” for shoulder pain/immobility

1:10:50 – Closing thoughts on today’s show/info


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Thanks for listening!

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