Episode # 461

The Simplest Way To Determine If You’re Training Properly [DON’T Ignore This!]

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Released on February 29, 2024


4:20 – Joe reads this week’s winning iTunes review!

7:00 Iron Business Blueprint [March cohort] announcement

12:40 – Storytime begins | Joe shares an interaction he recently had with a former client

18:50 – The most important/overlooked indicator of your overall fitness [as well as the effectiveness of your programming]

25:40 – Is this the gold standard of true functional strength for washed-up meatheads??🤣

34:20 – Should you perform your warm-up reps slow/intentional (like a bodybuilder) or faster/”pump style” (so you don’t fatigue the targeted muscle group)?

36:05 – Do rep ranges really matter for hypertrophy goals?

43:40 – Is it a big deal if football players (and athletes in general) squat above parallel?


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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