World’s Strongest Athlete – FINAL ANNOUNCEMENT!

This is the FINAL announcement that will be posted regarding the WSA Competition on July 18th so please read everything below carefully!


Registration for this event will shut down on Monday, June 22nd at 5:00pm EST! There will be NO exceptions and NO ONE will be permitted to register the day of the event! If you want to compete, you must register online by clicking HERE!


ALL events will be done on a field turf surface so bring the appropriate footwear

Athletes will perform the hand-over-hand rope pull event from a seated position on the turf

Before registering, please re-read the event descriptions on our RULES & REGULATIONS PAGE! Although I don’t like discouraging athletes from competing, please note that this contest isn’t for everyone! If you’re a kid that is not strong enough to flip a 600-pound tire, or support close to 400 pounds on your back, please don’t put yourself at risk by entering this contest. We will be holding this contest for many years to come; so if you think you’re a year or two away, please be honest with yourself.

Remember that all spectators are welcome! There will be a $10 entrance fee that will be donated to the two event charities. There will also be event t-shirts for sale that will be great for young kids to have signed by our Pro athletes. All athletes will be very accessible to the general public during this event!


We randomly picked the order of events for each division out of a hat. Here’s the official order of events for each division…

Pro AthletesSuper Yoke Carry, Tire Flip, Sled Drag, Rope Pull

College Athletes – Rope Pull, Super Yoke Carry, Tire Flip, Sled Drag

Police/Fire/Military – Sled Drag, Rope Pull, Super Yoke Carry, Tire Flip

High School Athletes – Tire Flip, Sled Drag, Rope Pull, Super Yoke Carry


1st Place in each division will receive an engraved Battle Axe with wall mount! Rest assured, this will be the most badass “trophy” you will ever see! We thought this was very fitting and appropriate for a competition of this magnitude!

2nd & 3rd Place in each division will receive a “gift basket” of nutritional supplements from the Nutrition Treatment Center, along with tees and training DVD’s from DeFranco’s Gym and Overtime Sports Facility.


When: Saturday, July 18th, 2009 (11:00am start)

Where: Overtime Sports Facility
321 Hamburg Turnpike
Wayne, NJ 07470
30 Nevins Rd.
Wayne, NJ 07470
*Mention the “World’s Strongest Athlete” event when booking your hotel reservations!

If you’re going to compete, don’t forget to register online before June 22nd!
For those who aren’t competing, we look forward to seeing you at the event!

Joe D.


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