Strength Training posts NEW video footage of Triple H’s “Hellish Workout” @ DeFranco’s!

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Click the link below to watch the video… Triple H discusses his intense workouts with Joe DeFranco

Truly honored and humbled by Triple H’s statements in the video regarding me and my gym.

I really hope the above video sheds some light on how hard many of these guys train. Trust me, they are much more than just “entertainers”. Having worked with Triple H for almost two years now, I can tell you that the life, injuries and training of a WWE Superstar is just as intense and dangerous – if not more – than any other professional athlete! Training a dedicated WWE Superstar (like Triple H) is like training a gymnast, bodybuilder, Hollywood stuntman, world traveler and NFL linebacker all rolled into one! And remember that there’s no off-season in the WWE, either! This creates some interesting challenges when programming their training.

After watching the video, come back to this page and drop me a comment below to let me know your thoughts. I’d also like to know  if you guys would be interested in a training article/feature that discusses the physical preparation of a WWE superstar? I was thinking this may be an interesting/unique feature for this website?

What do YOU guys think?…

-Joe D.  



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