Episode # 426

10 YEARS STRONG: Ashley & Joe discuss Marriage, Relationships, Hormonal Changes, Training & More!

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Released on June 29, 2023


0:00 – Show intro | Joe relives a few funny moments from his wedding day

10:30 – Joe talks about today’s sponsor – Rhone

16:05Ashley joins the show | Podcast begins…

17:50 – This past Tuesday’s big bash at the DeFranco household!

28:20 – Joe explains the ZOOM/$500 contest/giveaway to Ashley

32:15 – Joe announces the winner of the contest!

35:10 – Ashley’s current supplement regimen

38:00 – Joe reveals the NEW DeFranco supplement that’s COMING SOON!

41:40 – Ashley randomly brings up Joe’s [embarrassing] vascularity

46:30 – Ashley’s new turkey meatball recipe

54:25 – Recap of Ashley’s “liver enzyme scare”

57:05 – How/Why Ashley turned her health around and is now feeling/looking better!

1:10:55 – Update on Ashley’s training

1:12:35 – Joe shares 2 online training options that are available to his audience

1:16:45 – Ashley provides dating advice for people in their 20’s

1:29:40 – Joe explains how everyone should be executing their 100 band pull-aparts each day

1:32:15 – Is Ashley going to have her own podcast?!?


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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