Episode # 47

11 Common Speed Training Mistakes [Avoid These!]

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Released on January 21, 2016

In this weeks episode, Joe reveals the 11 most common mistakes that prevent athletes from reaching their true speed potential. Avoiding these mistakes will undoubtedly accelerate progress and help any athlete take their speed to the next level! If you’d like to get MORE out of your training – while spending LESS wasted time on the track or in the gym – this episode is a “must-listen”! 



00:01:00 – Joe D. apologizes for his lack of voice today

00:03:00 – Joe D’s NFL playoff predictions!


00:08:00 –  Joe D. reads today’s question from Nathan

00:10:00 –  Mistake #1  Over-coaching your athletes

00:20:30 –  Mistake #2  Failure to teach deceleration mechanics

00:26:30 –  Mistake #3  Relying too much on specialized speed drills 

00:29:25 –  Mistake #4  Relying too much on speed training “equipment”

00:31:00 –  Mistake #5  Not enough emphasis placed on strength development

00:38:00   Mistake #6  Placing too much emphasis on strength training 

00:40:50 –  Mistake #7  Inappropriate warm-up 

00:45:10 –   Mistake #8  Sprinting too much 

00:49:40 –  Mistake #9  Not sprinting enough

00:56:25 –  Mistake #10  Turning speed sessions into “conditioning” sessions  

00:58:45 –  Mistake #11  [BONUS]  Improper use of “overspeed” training


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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