Episode # 42

Matt Mayberry interview – DOMINATE!

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Released on December 17, 2015

In this weeks episode, Joe interviews pro football player turned motivational speaker and peak performance strategist – Matt Mayberry.  While listening to this podcast you will hear…

  • Matt speak openly & candidly about his struggle with addiction as a teenager and the roller-coaster ride of emotions he experienced during his college & professional football career
  • Why Matt feels “association is everything”  [we are who we hang out with]
  • Why Matt’s high school Guidance Counselor told him he’d either be dead or in prison by the time he was 18
  • How Joe D’s original VHS tape – Mastering the Football Combine Tests – helped Matt turn his life around and earn 19 Division I football scholarships


The original VHS tape that helped a young Matt Mayberry DOMINATE his high school Combines!

  • The devastating ankle injury Matt suffered during his first NFL pre-season game [and how he dealt with it emotionally]
  • The phone call from NY Times best-selling author Stedman Graham that ended up changing Matt’s life forever
  • The 20 minutes that ended up being responsible for helping Matt realize his true PURPOSE in life
  • How to turn your failures into gifts
  • Why training continues to be such a big part of Matt’s life – as well as most other successful leaders
  • How being an athlete correlates with being successful in business
  • Why Matt feels “hitting rock bottom” builds more champions than being privileged
  • What Matt’s current training program looks like [and how/when he finds the time to train with his busy schedule]
  • Matt’s top tips for being more productive and DOMINATING your business and/or life


…All this plus much, Much MORE! 


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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  1. I’ve been reading Matt’s articles on entrepreneur.com for a long time, and it was great to hear his background story! Great podcast Joe, and great guest!

  2. Joe – Thanx for introducing Matt to your industrial strength nation. His story was very inspiring – you could hear the passion in his voice with each and every sentence (much like yourself). Gr8 guest!!! Thanks to both you and Matt for taking the time to educate and inspire your audience. Thursday’s have officially become my favorite day of the week!! Hope everyone has a healthy & happy holiday!

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