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2 simple tips for gettin’ SHREDDED!


Q: Hey Joe,
Im an ex-football player who continues to follow your WS4SB template even though my playing days are now over. I love the feeling of being strong and your program is the best I’ve ever been on. But now with the summer coming up I wanted to ask you if there was any way I can tweak your program which would help me cut the fat without losing too much strength?
I know your main focus is on improving athletic performance but can you find it in your heart to help a new member of the washed up meathead group?

Thanks coach. Your dedication to the field is truly inspiring.


A: Mike,

The two best ways I’ve found to “cut the fat” during your strength training sessions are:

#1Increase your body’s natural Growth Hormone production by training at a faster pace with shorter rest periods.

#2Conclude your strength training sessions with SPRINTS!

Growth Hormone is a powerful fat-burning hormone that is produced by the pituitary gland. Studies have proven that increased Growth Hormone output in your body leads to a decrease in bodyfat levels. One of the best ways to naturally stimulate Growth Hormone production is by performing brief, intense workouts with short rest periods.

If you want to follow my WS4SB template (or a similar type of program), yet increase the fat-burning effects of the actual training session; here’s what I suggest…

Take your time during your “main lift”, especially on Max-Effort Days. This will ensure full recovery so you’re able to lift the heaviest weights possible and maintain – or even increase – your strength while on your fat-burning program. But, after you’re done with your main lift, make sure you “pick up the pace” while performing your accessory exercises during the remainder of your workout. I suggest supersetting most of your accessory exercises and don’t rest for longer than 60 seconds between sets/exercises. Work at a fast pace and get in as much volume as possible in the shortest amount of time. Make sure your workout doesn’t go any longer than an hour, though! If your session starts going way over the one-hour mark, it will have a negative effect on the hormone response in your body!

Along with your faster-paced workout, I recommend sprinting. More “weekend warriors” and “washed-up meatheads” should incorporate sprints into their training! Sprints are a tried-and-true method to get lean, muscular and healthy…while drastically cutting down on the amount of time you need to spend in the gym! And this doesn’t mean that you need to try and run a 4.4-second forty yard dash, either. You just need to run a couple short sprints after your strength sessions and trust me; you will see a drastic difference in your physique! If you’re able to run outside, I suggest performing six to ten 40-100 yard sprints (depending on your conditioning level). Simply run your sprint and then slowly walk back to the start line (as your rest period) before performing another sprint. If you’re training at a “regular” gym and using a treadmill is more practical, I suggest running as fast as you can for 20-30 seconds and then “jumping” off the treadmill and resting for 60 seconds. Perform 6-10 of these sprints (depending on your conditioning level).

Here is a video of some of our current and future NFL players using the resisted TredSled as a “fat-burning finisher” during one of their recent strength training sessions. (NOTE: The sprints are much shorter in duration on this special treadmill because it is MUCH more intense than a “regular” treadmill.)


Incorporating these two very simple suggestions into the WS4SB template will melt fat off your body quicker than you can say “Asshole” J



Joe D.

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  1. How would you recommend running ws4sb program as a martial artist who needs to cut some weight for a competition (around 12 pounds)? Thanks Joe d

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