Episode # 93

Top 10 Takeaways From My 2016 Podcast Guests

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Released on December 29, 2016

Joe uses the final show of 2016 to recall his most memorable takeaways from the guests that appeared on the Industrial Strength Show this past year. 



1:00 – Joe talks about the new Special Strength DVD & Manual

10:45 – Joe shares the premise of today’s show

15:55 – Triple H podcast takeaway: The smartest, most successful people in the world are also lifelong “students” 

22:10Stephanie McMahon podcast takeaway: Meditation can be approached in many different ways. Choose what works best for YOU. 

31:20Dr. Tom Bilella podcast takeaway: The perfect nutrition program is never found – it’s created!

41:10Matt Mayberry podcast takeaway: The failures in your life aren’t always “negative”; they are opportunities to learn, grow, and get better!  

49:55 – Dan Ogden podcast takeaway: Successful people are PERSISTENT. Never quit or give up after only one try. 

56:40Rohan Murphy podcast takeaway: Never be afraid to fail. [Outline your life in pencil, not pen]

62:30Jeff Sica podcast takeaway: Find a mentor in your industry and emulate them. [Out-work everybody!] 

67:40Charlotte Flair podcast takeaway: Young athletes should NOT specialize. Expose them to a wide variety of sports and activities in order to build the greatest “foundation” for their athletic future.

74:30Cameron Josse podcast takeaway: Use technology in your training/testing whenever you can in order to eliminate as much human error as possible. 

78:55 – Steve Weatherford podcast takeaway: If you want something, TAKE ACTION and go get it! [Don’t rely on other people.]

83:15 – Show recap / conclusion

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Thanks for listening!

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