Episode # 399

25 Coaching Lessons from 25 Years in the Gym Business

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Released on December 22, 2022


3:05 – Joe announces the biggest prize giveaway in the history of the podcast!!

8:00 – Backstory behind today’s show topic

14:25Joe begins his “25 Coaching Lessons” list [Make sure to listen to the show for explanations of each]

14:45 – LESSON 1: Coaching trumps programming

17:30LESSON 2: Your ability to communicate is just as important [if not more] than your training knowledge

20:00LESSON 3: Keep a “white belt mentality”

22:25 – LESSON 4: Be Yourself!

24:50LESSON 5: Give credit

29:15 – LESSON 6: Learn to say, “I don’t know”

32:30 – LESSON 7: Use your ears and mouth in proportion

35:35 – LESSON 8: Don’t speak in absolutes

37:30 – LESSON 9: Prioritize/Fix YOUR health before trying to fix someone else’s

40:20 – LESSON 10: Write your programs in pencil, not pen [Be prepared, but be flexible]

42:15 – LESSON 11: Cheerleading is NOT coaching [Aim to be a great coach]

44:45 – LESSON 12: People will get better results when they have “skin in the game”

49:15 – LESSON 13: You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with

50:20 – LESSON 14: Don’t fix things by “addition” first [Your first step in problem-solving should be “removing” something]

54:35 – LESSON 15: Training is cumulative [Don’t think of your workouts as “separate entities” of one another]

56:10 – LESSON 16: The true value of an exercise/workout should be based on how your body adapts to it, NOT how many calories it burns or how you feel immediately afterwards

59:20 – LESSON 17: There’s usually an inverse relationship between “marketing hype” & “quality” of a product/service

1:00:55 – LESSON 18: Regardless of how many sessions you’ve done, treat every client’s session as if it’s your FIRST of the day

1:05:40 – LESSON 19: Remember to keep the “personal” in Personal Training!

1:07:10 – LESSON 20: What you say/know doesn’t mean sh*t; it’s what you DO [consistently] that matters

1:09:25 – LESSON 21: Consistency trumps perfection

1:10:55 – LESSON 22: If it ain’t a “HELL YEAH”, the answer is, “No”

1:14:25 – LESSON 23: Experience is the single best teacher

1:16:55 – LESSON 24: How you do anything is how you do everything

1:18:30 – LESSON 25: Help others without expectation [Don’t “keep score”]


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Thanks for listening!

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