Episode # 460

7 Fat Loss “Hacks” That’ll Blow Your Mind, How To Get Jacked in Half the Time & More!

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Released on February 22, 2024


0:10Live Gym Growth Masterclass announcement/reminder!

2:10 – Show preview

5:45 – Joe talks about today’s sponsor – Manukora Honey

14:05 – Joe explains the difference between “summadeez” and the “fanning farts” warm-up LOL

17:30TOPIC #1: Lu Raises for the rotator cuff (Plus a bonus discussion on “exercise selection/execution”)

33:35TOPIC #2: Should you include rotator cuff strengthening exercises in your warm-up or will they fatigue your shoulders and lead to instability and reduced strength/force production?

38:30TOPIC #3: How much of a calorie deficit is a good starting point to drop body fat without losing muscle? (Plus, “Fat Loss Hacks That’ll Blow Your Mind!”)😉

55:35TOPIC #4: Joe’s thoughts on MYO Reps (and how to program them)

1:11:05TOPIC #5: Joe’s Top 3 specialty bar recommendations for washed-up meatheads who still love lifting heavy but their cranky joints don’t respond well to the straight bar anymore


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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