Episode # 127

Dr. Andy Galpin talks Research & “Real World” Training Correlation (PART 2)

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Released on August 31, 2017


1:30 – Show Intro / Announcements

16:20PART 2 of the Andy Galpin interview begins…

18:25 – Andy explains how he uses force plates at his lab

“Be careful to not outsource your entire coaching intelligence to some ‘smart technology’ – because I’m telling you right now – they aint that smart.” -Andy Galpin

26:45 – How trainable is “velocity”?

37:30 – Can you spend too much time training your weaknesses?

41:15 – Final thoughts on testing ‘Static Jump’ vs ‘Countermovement Jump’ vs ‘Depth Jump’ (NOTE: The book Andy couldn’t think of during the podcast was: Training for Speed, Agility, and Quickness, p. 8-9)

42:30 – The effect of ‘set programming’ vs. autoregulating your exercise selection

49:20 – The process Andy takes his potential clients through (HINT: he doesn’t just “write them a program”)

57:40 – The mindset S&C coaches need when training MMA fighters

62:30 – The “best” way to condition for MMA

72:15 – A different way to approach aerobic work

76:20 – Andy discusses his new book – UNPLUGGED


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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