Episode # 262

It’s Not About WHO You Train; It’s About HOW You Train [w/ Ben Bruno]

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Released on April 16, 2020


0:00 – Show intro / preview

7:30Podcast begins | Ben Bruno joins the show

8:00 – Ben shares the story of how/when he first met Joe

11:35 – How Ben is dealing w/ the quarantine

17:30 – The COVID-19 “silver lining” for the personal training/gym business

19:10 – Why practicality trumps perfection (especially during this quarantine)

24:15 – Ben Bruno’s “back story” (How he got into the fitness industry)

34:20 – Why Ben hates the term “celebrity trainer”

38:00 – Ben describes Mike Boyle’s “window analogy”

44:00 – The importance of having people skills if you want to be a successful trainer

49:30 – The differences between small group training vs one-on-one training

56:00 – Programming for pro athletes vs general pop clients

56:55 – The 3 questions Ben asks all his clients before they start training together

1:01:10 – Training clients based on their personality

1:04:45 – One of the biggest mistakes young trainers make when training their clients

1:10:30 – How to navigate your way through social media [Who to follow & who’s full of shit]

1:21:55 – Knowing the difference between building strength vs displaying strength

1:24:40 – Ben’s Top 3 favorite exercises

1:26:15 – The biggest differences between training women vs men

1:33:55 – The “live to lift” meathead mentality vs the “lift to live better” mentality


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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