Episode # 105

Bobby Maximus – The Power of Positive Self Talk, Leading by Example, and More!

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Released on March 23, 2017

This week, Joe talks shop with former UFC fighter and current general manager of the world-famous Gym Jones – Bobby Maximus.  



1:30 – Joe talks about today’s sponsor – Blue Apron

8:05 – Bobby Maximus interview begins…

12:55 – Bobby talks about “leading by example”  

20:10 – What makes Gym Jones unique?

29:15 – Bobby talks about why he started MMA, his first UFC fight, and the impact its had on his life

36:00 – The 2 rituals everyone should do everyday

41:10 – Bobby’s definition of a “coach”

43:30 – Joe & Bobby discuss gym culture and the “it” factor

49:00 – The TRUE meaning of “hardcore”

51:05 – The importance of NOT being a dick!

56:30 – Where did the “Bobby Maximus” moniker come from?

67:20 – Bobby’s favorite recovery methods

72:30 – Bobby reveals his preferred methods of meditation

77:45 – The 3 most important “non-physical” traits that successful athletes/clients possess

87:00 – Show conclusion

90:45 – Bobby challenges the Industrial Strength Nation with HIS own Bench Press Challenge!


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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